June 18th, 2009

chronic rift

The Chronic Rift in Review

The latest episode of The Chronic Rift podcast is up -- this is a review episode, in which Andrea Lipinski reviews Cemetery Dance by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child on "A Case for Books," Derrick Ferguson reviews The Phantom despite it being 13 years old and not available on DVD on his still-nameless movie review segment, David Alexander McDonald goes through the Batman titles on "The Comics Curmudgeon," and on "Couch Potato Salad," I review Royal Pains.

Hosted by John S. Drew, with Andrea, me, and special guest Dan Persons, we also have "Bringing it to the Table" and other silly banter. Check it out on iTunes, the Rift web site, or podOmatic's Rift page.
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off to bed....

This is actually later than I wanted to go to bed, but such is life. I'm up at 5.15am tomorrow (bleah) to head down to Penn Station, then it's 13 hours on Amtrak to Charlotte. The plan is to get lots and lots and lots of writing done.

Remember, I'll be at the BOOM! Studios booth (#514/613) the whole weekend. Come by, buy Farscape comics (and, okay, other BOOM! comics, if you want), including the Heroes Con exclusive photo cover variant of Farscape: Strange Detractors #2.

(Sheesh -- 5.15. Usually the only 5.15s I acknowledge are the afternoon one and the song by The Who. Sigh.)
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wee krad, South Park Keith, South Park Keith #2

love my phone

Woke up from a nap and no idea where we were, so I used my iPhone's GPS. I now know that the town we just went through is Whitakers, North Carolina.

Got bits and pieces of work done--not as much as I'd like, but the day ain't over yet....
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I swear I am not making this up.....

We've been stuck in the same for 15 mnutes and counting.

A conductor just walked by and informed us that we can't move because some numbnuts parked a car on the tracks.

Yes, really.

I got gales of laughter from my fellow passengers when I said, "Surely we can just plow through it? I mean, we're bigger!"

Will our hero ever make it to Charlotte? Stay tuned.......

Edited to add: Forty-five minutes after this post was made, we finally moved, a tow truck having gotten the offending vehicle out of our way. I flipped them the bird as we passed. Fucknuts.....
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prague, tainted love

almost there

Just a few minutes ago, we pulled out of Kannapolis. Next and last stop: Charlotte, where the BOOM!rats should be waiting to whisk me away.

I've been on this train for 15 hours. I'm ready to do something else now. *laughs*
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