June 26th, 2009

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Michael Jackson, RIP

Michael Jackson died, apparently of a heart issue, in Los Angeles this afternoon, at the age of 50.

There are a lot of crass jokes that can be made, and I've even made some of them -- starting with, "Hey, at least he's already embalmed!" -- but ultimately, we should be mourning the loss of a great American singer who gave us some amazing music over the years, both with the Jackson 5 and on his own (Thriller still remains one of the great albums of all time), before he got all weird.

And 50 is too fucking young to die.

*raises glass*
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Schott's Miscellany 25 June 2009

The Korean War began when North Korean troops invaded South Korea (1950)


NORTH CAROLINA: ranks first in tar and turpentine
OHIO: ranks first in agricultural implements and wool
OREGON: takes the palm for cattle raising
PENNSYLVANIA: ranks first in rye, iron, steel, petroleum, and coal
RHODE ISLAND: in proportion to its size, outranks all other states in value of manufactures
SOUTH CAROLINA: ranks first in phosphates
TENNESSEE: ranks second in peanuts
TEXAS: ranks second in cattle and cotton
UTAH: ranks third in silver
VERMONT: ranks fourth in copper
VIRGINIA: ranks first in peanuts
WEST VIRGINIA: ranks fifth in salt & coal
WISCONSIN: ranks second in hops

from A Perpetual Calendar, L.S.F. Pinaud, 1896

We are not free to use today, or to promise tomorrow, because we are already mortgaged to yesterday.
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-82)
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gone and back

lousy day

I've had a killer sinus headache since yesterday afternoon, and it just will not die. I usually don't succumb to barometric pressure changes like this, but I sure as shit am now. Sigh. I've also been running a fever all day.

Spent my working time today dealing with various and sundry Farscape issues -- going over the second draft of the Gone and Back #4 script with plotter Rockne S. O'Bannon, looking over several of the colored pages for Gone and Back #1 and the lettering for D'Argo's Lament #4, and incorporating The Jim Henson Company's notes on D'Argo's Trial #3-4.

Now I'm gonna go watch the first game of the Yankees-Mets weekend series....
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