June 27th, 2009



Feeling a little better this a.m. (or, rather, afternoon), but only a little. I took the last of our painkillers yesterday afternoon, and it didn't get brutal again until after the drug stores were all closed. Sigh.

As a result, last night was a most miserable night of sleep, with me waking up in agony every two hours, putting an ice pack on my head, and then going back to sleep to dream about negotiating trade agreements with the state of Minnesota (really!).

Just went out on a beautiful day that I totally can't appreciate to take out my last $20 until my next check shows up (which should be Tuesday), and bought (among other things) a fresh bottle of CVS's generic version of Excedrin migraine. Took three of 'em, and I'm already feeling the difference.

terri_osborne thinks this is a migraine, which is kinda scary, as I've never been subject to migraines -- like, ever.

Speaking of Terri -- she has decided to move out. Our building is a three-apartment townhouse with two 3BRs on the second and third floors and a 1BR on the ground floor. The ground-floor apartment has been vacant since The Cuz and her roommie moved up to the third floor and we moved to the second floor, and Terri intends to move down there. Staying in the same apartment seemed like a good idea at the time when we split at the end of April, but the subsequent two months have made it clear that living together was just pouring salt into each others' wounds.

So it'll be a pretty chaotic summer 'round these parts.

Meanwhile, I'm going to go have a lie down.......
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me at Comic-Con in San Diego

Most of my time at Comic-Con International in San Diego in July will be spent at the BOOM! Studios booth, hawking Farscape comics. However, I will be doing at least three panels, one of which has been formally announced:

The third annual presentation of the International Association of Media-Tie-in Writers (IAMTW) Scribe Awards, honoring excellence in tie-in writing in such notable franchises as CSI, Criminal Minds, The X-Files, Star Trek, Stargate, Star Wars, and Doctor Who, will be held on FRIDAY 24 JULY from 3-4:30 pm in Room 4. The ceremony -- during which I will receive my Grandmaster Award -- will be followed by a panel discussion with the nominees, including myself, Stacia Deutsch (The Dark Knight: The Junior Novel), Matt Forbeck (Mutant Chronicles), Tod Goldberg (Burn Notice: The Fix), Robert Greenberger (Hellboy II: The Golden Army), Nathan Long (Warhammer: Elfslayer), and James Rollins (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull), with moderators Lee Goldberg (Monk: Mr. Monk and the Dirty Cop) and Max Allan Collins (GI Joe).

If you're gonna be at San Diego, come on down and check it out!
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Schott's Miscellany 26 June 2009

Elvis Presley gave his final concert performance, two months before his death (1977)


The long, almond-shaped eye with thick eyelids covering nearly half of the pupil, when taken in connection with the full brow, is indicative of GENIUS, and is often found in artists, literary and scientific men. It is the eye of TALENT, or IMPRESSIBILITY. The large, open, transparent eye, of whatever color, is indicative of ELEGANCE, of TASTEE, of REFINEMENT, of WIT, of INTELLIGENCE. Weakly marked eyebrows indicate a FEEBLE CONSTITUTION and a tendency to MELANCHOLIA. Deep sunken eyes are SELFISH, while eyes in which the whole iris shows indicate ERRATICISM, if not LUNACY. Round eyes are indicative of INNOCENCE; strongly protuberant eyes of WEAKNESS of both MIND and BODY. Eyes small and close together typify CUNNING, while those far apart and open indicate FRANKNESS. The normal distance between the eyes is the width of one eye; a distance greater or less than this intensifies the character supposed to be symbolized. Sharp angles, turning down at the corners of the eyes, are seen in persons of ACUTE JUDGMENT and PENETRATION. Well-opened steady eyes belong to the SINCERE; wide staring eyes to the IMPERTINENT.

---Anonymous, c.1830?

The wit makes fun of other persons; the satirist makes fun of the world; the humorist makes fun of himself.
James Thurber (1894-1961)
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