July 4th, 2009


Schott's Miscellany 3 July 2009

The last pair of great auks was thought to have been killed,making the species extinct (1844)


A white mark on the nail bespeaks MISFORTUNE. Pale or lead-colored nails indicate MELANCHOLY people. Broad nails indicate a GENTLE, TIMID, and BASHFUL nature. Lovers of KNOWLEDGE and LIBERAL SENTIMENTS have round nails. People with narrow nails are AMBITIOUS and QUARRELSOME. Small nails indicate LITTLENESS of MIND, OBSTINACY, and CONCEIT. CHOLERIC, MARTIAL men, delighting in WAR, have red and spotted nails. Nails growing into the flesh at the points or sides indicate LUXURIOUS TASTES. People with very pale nails are subject to much INFIRMITY of the FLESH and PERSECUTION by NEIGHBORS and FRIENDS. [Anonymous]

The love of life is necessary to the vigorous prosecution of any undertaking.
Samuel Johnson (1709-84)
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NYY, melky

70 years ago today....

Seventy years ago between games of a doubleheader, the Yankees held Lou Gehrig Day, in honor of their great first baseman, who had set a record for consecutive games played that was ended by illness with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, more commonly known nowadays as Lou Gehrig's Disease. He had stopped playing the previous April due to the illness, and on 4 July 1939, he was presented with a whole bunch of gifts he was too weak to hold. His number (4) was retired, and Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia gave a speech that was lost on the dustbin of history because of the speech that came next from the guest of honor.

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For today's game against the Blue Jays, the Yankees are wearing "4ALS" patches, and the number 4 will be on first base, where Gehrig played for 2,130 consecutive Yankee games.

Oh, and much as I despise the new Yankee Stadium and find it to be an abomination, I will give them this: inside Gate 4 is a tribute to Gehrig, including the above-quoted speech on a loop.

*raises glass to a great ballplayer*
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HG World

HG World: Heroes of the Zombie War

I've been remiss in promoting the audio series that I'm part of: "HG World: Heroes of the Zombie War." I provide the voice of Todd Rage, an elderly, Vietnam-veteran, right-wing radio host who's one of the last bastions of hope when the zombies take over the world.

The story focuses on a small town in the Algonquin Valley in western Pennsylvania which has fallen on hard economic times. Then the zombies show up, and everything goes to hell. The episodes and promos and such are being made slowly available as podcasts on iTunes, or from the good folks at podOmatic. They're also being put on YouTube.

It's produced by Jay Smith (dr_p_venkman), and the other voice talent includes Stacey Dooks, John S. Drew (drewshi), Tracy Angelina Evans, M. Sieiro Garcia, Shane Harris, Orenthal V. Hawkins, D.T. Kelly, Ayoub Khote, Martha Linbo-Terhaar, Tanja Milojavic, Ken Peters, Becca Rinas, Lee Sands, Dustin Shanafelter, Jay Smith (dr_p_venkman), Ryan Smith, Carole Stokes, Michael Stokes, Ginny Swann, Romain Vimal, and Mark Zaricor.

Check it out!
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