July 21st, 2009

nova, spectres

she rides!

Spectres is done! Finished Chapter 16 and the epilogue, and the whole schmear is off to Blizzard for their okee dokee.

I also recorded the "Couch Potato Salad" for next week's episode of The Chronic Rift (which I won't be able to cohost, as I'll be in San Diego, but I will still have my review of Sleuth's reruns of DaVinci's Inquest and Cold Squad).

Another one bites the dust................
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Schott's Miscellany 20 July 2009

Featst day of St. Margaret of Antioch, patron saint of expectant mothers


The lotus-eaters of Greek myth dwelt on the ever-shifting sandbanks of waters near Carthage. There they ate the fruit of the lotus--not the water lilies of Egypt, but plants with roots in the underworld that drew water from the river Lethe. This water had the power to remove all memories, and the lotus-eaters (or Lotophagi) lived in an idle, paralyzed, transcelike state with neither recollection of the past nor concept of the future and with no desire to return to their native lands. As Odysseus sailed home from Troy, he landed on one of these sandbanks and sent three men out to explore. The men discovered the Lotophagi, ate of their fruit, and were sucked into a twilight state of idle paralysis before being dragged back to their shiop, weeping and pleading to be left behind. In his 1833 poem "Song of the Lotos-Eaters," Alfred, Lord Tennyson used this myth to explore our desire to reject teh prosaic world of toil for a more langorous state of idleness:

Let us swear an oath, and keep it with an equal mind,
In the hollow Lotos-land to live and lie reclin'd
On the hills like Gods together, careless of mankind.

TOPLOFTICAL--stuck up, pretentious
"Albert's toploftical speech did little to impress his wife."
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buy my books!

If you would like an autographed copy of one my books or comic books, but can't get to a convention that I'm attending, I'm now making it easy on you. You can get any of the books listed below just by buying them from me via PayPal (payments would go to keith@decandido.net) at cover price or less (see list below), and I'll send the book(s) to you.

I'm not charging for shipping with two exceptions:
1. If you're outside the United States, send me the book price, and I'll bill you after I ship them for the shipping cost.
2. If you're buying three or fewer comic books, then please add $4.00 for shipping (if you buy four or more, then shipping is free).

If you want the book inscribed, please tell me who to inscribe it to -- and if you don't want it inscribed (or don't want it autographed) let me know. You also need to provide a shipping address, obviously....

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If you have any questions, comment below or e-mail me at keith@decandido.net.

(And if you have an outstanding order with me, it's been shipped and you should get it by the end of the week.)
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gettin' ready for Sandy Eggo

My acceptance speech for the Scribe Awards is written. I have the questions that were submitted on the web for the Farscape panel. My clothes are packed. I've taken out the cash I need to pay for the cab to the airport, and also ordered said cab. My schedule (which you can see here) is in my iPhone. Said iPhone also has the music I'll want to listen to on the plane.

I still have to copy stuff onto the jump drive and write up an intro for the Farscape panel. I'm also debating whether or not to even bother sleeping, since the cab's picking me up at 4.15am.

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