July 26th, 2009

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SDCC final day

I have sold and signed a metric fuckton of comics.

I have moderated a panel that had hundreds and hundreds of people in attendance.

I have been on two other panels.

I have schmoozed and shilled.

I have drunk (though I've not been drunk).

I have spent time with good friends.

I have purchased a cool new Seth graphic novel.

I have pitched comic book notions to an editor who at least pretended to like them.

Back to it.....
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strange detractors

at the end of the con......

Number of longboxes with Farscape comics in them at the start of the con: 3

Number of same at the end: 1

Number of boxes containing 28 Farscape hardcovers at the start of the con: 16

Number of same at the end: 4

Woo doggy!
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