July 30th, 2009


Schott's Miscellany 28 July 2009

On the Waterfront premiered in New York (1954)


"Make a long arm, Watson, and see what V has to say." I leaned back and took down the great index volume to which he referred. Holmes balanced it on his knee, and his eyes moved slowly and lovingly over the record of old cases, mixed with the accumulated information of a lifetime. "Voyage of the Gloria Scott," he read. "That was a bad business.... Victor Lynch the forger. Venomous lizard or gila. Remarkable case, that! Vittoria, the circus belle. Vanderbilt and the Yeggman. Vipers. Vigor, the Hammersmith wonder. Hullo! Hullo! Good old index. You can't beat it. Listen to this, Watson. Vampirism in Hungary. and again, Vampires in Transylvania."

---Arthur Conan Doyle, The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire, 1924

One should eat to live, not live to eat.
Molière (1622-73)
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tangled roots

new Farscape cover

This was revealed at San Diego, and now I can reveal it here: Joe Corroney's Cover A for Farscape #1, the start of the ongoing monthly series in November.

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Spiff, huh?
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my 4Pi-Con schedule (updated)

I will be attending 4Pi-Con from 21-23 August in Enfield, Connecticut, and here is my current schedule:

5pm: "SF Before 1939," with Terry Franklin, Allen Steele, Daniel Hatch, and Mario di Giacomo (Somers)
6pm: "Media Tie-Ins," with Terri Osborne and Yvonne Carts-Powell (Venice)
10pm: "Great Debate," with Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Little Mel, and Micah Schneider (Ellington)

11am: "10 Panels in 60 Minutes," with David Sklar, Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Terri Osborne, and Jeff Warner (Agawam)
9pm: "Ask a Ninja," with Cecilia Tan, Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Coelynn McIninch, and Kerry Morgan (Somers)

10am: "Podcasting 101," with Morven Westfield, Mike Luoma, Mitch Morris, and Devo Spice (Venice)
11.30am: reading (Ellington)
2pm: "10 Ways To Polish your Writing," with Raven Kaldera, Yvonne Carts-Powell, Joy Marchand, and Daniel Hatch (Somers)
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Schott's Miscellany 29 July 2009

Mama Cass Elliot died of a heart attack (not from eating a ham sandwich) (1974)


John de Vigney, author of The Moralization of Chess, asserted (somewhat bizarrely) that a philosopher called Xerxes invented the game of chess under the Babylonian King Evil-Merodach (c.6? BCE) in the following way:

There are three reasons which induced the philosopher to introduce this new pastime:
the first, to reclaim a wicked king;
the second, to prevent idleness;
and the third, practically to demonstrate the nature and necessity of nobleness.

Three highballs and I think I'm St. Francis of Assisi.

Dorothy Parker (1893-1967)
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chronic rift

The Chronic Rift In Review

The Summer of the Rift continues, this week with an "in review" episode. Stuff brought to the table include Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Torchwood: Children of Earth, Andrea seeing Cinematic Titanic in Philadelphia, and guest cohost Dan Persons waxing rhapsodic over the Roku Box.

Reviews: Andrea looks at My Booky Wook by Russell Brand and 39 Years of Short-Term Memory Loss by Tom Davis on "A Case for Books." David covers a ton of stuff ranging from Watchmen: The Director's Cut to Amazing Spider-Man #600 and more on "The Comics Curmudgeon." And on "Couch Potato Salad," I cover two Canadian procedurals, DaVinci's Inquest and Cold Squad.

Finally, "Pop Fiendish" sees popfiend discussing all the recent celebrity deaths.

Check it out on iTunes, or get it from the Rift web site (where you can also comment on the episode, or on anything else you want) or from podOmatic's Rift page.
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