August 4th, 2009



Did my one hour of spec work tonight, this on the mystery. Got 1200 words written, and I think Chapter 1 is done.

I am well pleased.

To bed.....
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preliminary Dragon*Con schedule

Here is my preliminary schedule for Dragon*Con 2009, to be held Labor Day weekend in Atlanta (edited to add: now with my reading!):

10am: "Star Trek Authors Cavalcade" (Savannah 2-3--Sheraton)
1pm: "D*C Comics Conference Session #7: Avengers Symposium on Assembled! 1 & 2" (Hanover F--Hyatt)
2.30pm: autographing (M301-M304--Marriott)

10am: "Doctor Who in Other Media" (Valdosta--Sheraton)
11.30am: "Lore of Warcraft" (Capitol Ballroom--Sheraton)
2.30pm: reading (University Room--Hyatt)
4pm: "From Page to Screen" (A707--Marriott)

11.30am: "Farscape: On the Run" (Centennial I--Hyatt)
1pm: "Writer to Writer: Keith R.A. DeCandido interviews Alan Dean Foster" (Centennial I--Hyatt)
10pm: "Reality Break--LIVE!" (204--Hilton)

2.30pm: "Plodding or Plotting?" (Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong--Hyatt)
4pm: "The Future of Fantastic Fiction" (Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong--Hyatt)

The above is, as ever, subject to change and amendment.
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Schott's Miscellany 3 August 2009

Civic Holiday (Canada)
Summer Bank Holiday (Scotland)


It is claimed that the Belgian Joseph Merlin invented roller skates in 1760. Apparently, Merlin wore his skates to a masquerade ball ehld at Carlisle House in Soho Square, London--but was so unstable on them that he destroyed a "vast and highly valuable mirror" and badly wounded himself.

What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure.
Samuel Johnson (1709-84)
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