August 30th, 2009


checking in from Canada

Greetings from Toronto, home of exorbitant roaming charges! (Hence the minimal blogging. And my phone says "ROGERS" where it normally says "AT&T." So do many buildings and signs. I'm starting to think the late Mr. Rogers had a similar relationship with Toronto that Lex Luthor has with Metropolis.......)

Fan Expo is remarkably large for a con I'd never heard of before a few months ago. *laughs* It's a bit busier than WonderCon was. I've sold many comics, signed many books (including two people who brought big piles of my prose work to the table), and had a good time. Friday was a bit slow, but Saturday was a steady stream. Lotsa Farscape fans, too, some of whom didn't know about the comics and/or didn't know about the forthcoming DVD set. (They do now....)

Also went to the Marvel party last night, the highlight of which was chatting with Ty Templeton. Ty and I had managed never to meet despite having 49 friends in common, so I'm glad that finally happened. He's a hoot.

Off to breakfast and then the final day of the con....
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