September 1st, 2009


my Dragon*Con schedule

A reminder to all and sundry of my schedule at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia this coming weekend:

11.30am-12.30pm: "Star Trek Authors Cavalcade: The Gentlemen," Savannah 2-3 (Sheraton)--with Lou Anders, Alan Dean Foster, and Robert Greenberger
1-2pm: "D*C Comics Conference Session #7: Avengers Symposium on Assembled! 1 & 2," Hanover F (Hyatt)--with Joe Crowe, George Kopec, George Pérez, and Van Allen Plexico
2.30-3.30pm: Autographing, M301-M304 (Marriott)

10-11am: "Doctor Who in Other Media," Valdosta (Sheraton)--with Terri Osborne, Lars Pearson, and Alan Siler
11.30am-12.30pm: "Lore of Warcraft," Capitol Ballroom (Sheraton)--with Richard A. Knaak
2.30-3.30pm: Reading, University (Hyatt)
4-5pm: "From Page to Screen," A707 (Marriott)--with Peter Beagle, Kathleen O. David, Susan Fichtelberg, and Karen Newsome
8.30-10pm: "Whedon Universe Costume Contest," L401-403 (Marriott)--I'll be one of the judges of the contest
after 10pm: Farscape party held by the SouthEast Scapers in the Con Suite (Room 226, Hyatt)

11.30am-12.30pm: "Farscape: Back Down the Wormhole," Centennial I (Hyatt)--with Virginia Hey and Lani Tupu
1-2pm: "Writer to Writer: Keith DeCandido interviews Alan Dean Foster," Centennial I (Hyatt)
10-11pm: "Reality Break--LIVE!" Room 204 (Hilton)--with Dave Slusher

2.30-3.30pm: "Plodding or Plotting," Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong (Hyatt)--with Chesya Burke, Carole Nelson Douglas, Charlaine Harris, Gail Z. Martin, Phil Nutman, and C.L. Wilson
4-5pm: "The Future of Fantastic Fiction," Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong (Hyatt)--with Tim Byrd, Eric Griffin, Gary Kim Hayes, Nancy Knight, James A. Moore, and Gary Raisor
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ask Alan Dean Foster!

I'm going to be interviewing Alan Dean Foster this weekend at Dragon*Con, specifically on Sunday at 1pm, and I already have several questions lined up, but I wanted to give folks in the world a chance to take their shot at ADF too. *laughs*

So if you have a question you've been dying to ask Mr. Foster, now's your chance. You can either post the question here or e-mail it to me at keith at decandido dot net. Be advised that sending me a question is absolutely no guarantee that I will ask that question on Sunday......
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