September 3rd, 2009


Schott's Miscellany 1 September 2009

The wreck of the Titanic was found (1985)


September is so named because it was the seventh month in the Roman calendar.

September blows soft, / Till the fruit's in the loft. / Forgotten, month past, / Doc now at the last.

Eat and drink less, / And buy a knife at Michaelmas.

To be "Septembered" is to be multihued in autumnal colors; as Blackmore wrote: "His honest face was Septembered with many a vintage."

Poor Robin's Almanac (1666) stated, "Now, Libra weighs the days and night in an equal balance, so that there is not a hair's breadth difference betwixt them in length; this moneth having an R in it, Oysters come again in season."

The Irish name Meán Fómhair means "midautumn."

God shows his contempt for wealth by the kind of person he selects to receive it.
Austin O'Malley (1858-1932)
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Schott's Miscellany 2 September 2009

The last episode of the original Star Trek was aired (1969)


Where's George? is an Internet-based project that allows users to track the travels of a particular piece of U.S. paper currency. Since 1998 (when the project was created by a Massachusetts computer consultant), "Georgers" have written or stamped "" onto their bills before releasing them back into circulation, hoping that those who next use the bill will visit the site to log its new location.* Those who mark new bills receive "hits" each time someone logs a bill they have registered. Enthusiasts compete for "George scores" (based on the number of bills and total hits), and play "bingo" by attempting to register hits from every state. By February 2007, Where's George? bills accounted for 0.07% of U.S. currency in circulation. Similar sites have been launched in Germany (Wo Ist Mein Geld--Where's My Money?), Japan (Osatsu--bill), and Canada (Where's Willy?).

* Where's George? says it does not encourage currency defacement, noting that the Bureau of Engraving and Printing defines illegal defacement as mutilation with the intent to render the bill unfit for reissue.

Exercise is bunk. If you are healthy, you don't need it; if you are sick, you shouldn't take it.
Henry Ford (1863-1947)
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busy Wednesday

Went into Manhattan to have lunch with friends, check the PO box, drop off a contract, chat with an editor, and pick up my new glasses. Then I came home, did most of my Dragon*Con packing and did laundry.

Yesterday evening, I went off to a meeting that may be another job opportunity akin to the Census work from earlier this year: a part-time job I'd be good at, but wouldn't make a career out of, that has flexible hours, and that will provide desperately needed extra money.

Also yesterday: went over the script for Farscape #4 (the fourth issue of the ongoing and final part of "Tangled Roots," the first story arc of the ongoing) with Rockne O'Bannon, looked over the inked art for several pages of Farscape #2 by Will Sliney, pencils by Tommy Patterson for Gone and Back #4 for several pages, and pencils for all of D'Argo's Trial #3 by Caleb Cleveland. And La Agent sent me feedback on the mystery, which I will probably look over on the train.

Oh yeah, and I watched Leverage, which continues to rock and roll. *grin*

Gonna go back to bed shortly. terri_osborne has already left for her flight to Atlanta -- she was able to get a dirt-cheap flight thanks to frequent-flyer miles. My own pathetic financial state has left me with taking an overnight Amtrak train (which also isn't cheap, but is cheaper than taking a plane to Atlanta over Labor Day weekend), which leaves at 2.15 and gets me in tomorrow morning in what should be plenty of time for my 11.30am Star Trek author panel.
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Mad Men KRAD

lord, I was born a travellin' man...

It's twenty after 11, and the train's pulling out of the Danville station. Shortly we'll be crossing the border from Virginia to North Carolina. NC is my eighth state of the day (NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA), plus the District of Columbia. It'll be tomorrow before I hit the final two (SC & GA).

Overheard on the train by a proud father discussing his son's videgame: "The object is to protect the secret ninja cookie recipe." Neiman-Marcus would be so proud....

Got a couple thousand words of Heart of the Dragon written. Chapter 8 is now done and I've cracked 20,000 words. I'm pleased with the pace so far.

Time to try to sleep.........
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