September 4th, 2009

strange detractors

Dragon*Con day one

Panels went well today. The Star Trek Authors Cavalcade was great fun--me, Bob Greenberger, Peter David, and Alan Dean Foster, and it was fantastic. The Avengers panel included George Pérez and totally rocked. My autographing was very well attended. I also showed up for the live episode of the Scapecast, and got to talk a bit about Farscape in general and the comics in particular.

Seen many old friends and met some cool people. Favorite moment so far was bumping into Ben Browder in a corridor and chatting with him for a bit.

Am rooming with terri_osborne, stef94, and suricattus, whence I've heard the amusing line, "Gleefully taking you where you didn't want to go since 2009."
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