September 13th, 2009


my Sunday feeling

Did the Komen Race today. We had a smaller team this year, and raised less than half of what we raised last year (thank you, shit economy), but it was still quite successful. I ran the first 1.75 miles or so, then half-walked, half-ran the rest.

After that, we went to a great diner on the upper west side, then home for a ton of sleep. Now at the Starbucks trying to get some work done on Heart of the Dragon......
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Schott's Miscellany 11 September 2009

In a national referendum, Scotland voted to form a devolved parliament within the UK (1997)


HACKER: an expert computer programmer
CRACKER: a HACKER who uses his or her skill for malicious or illegal purposes
WHITE HAT: one who breaks into computer systems to identify security flaws
PHREAKER: one who tampers with telephone systems (e.g., to avoid paying)
GEEK: one fascinated by technology (not necessarily a pejorative term)
NERD: above-average IQ; below-average social skills and, often, personal hygiene
DWEEB: a clueless though inoffensive NERD
DORK: an offensive DWEEB

So I became a newspaperman. I hated to do it but I couldn't find honest employment.
Mark Twain (1835-1910)
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Schott's Miscellany 12 September 2009

Lassie made her television debut (1954)


SPOD: a NERD or GEEK without the interest or skill in computing
PROPELLER HEAD: an expert in any field of technology
NEWBIE: a newcomer to a technology or environment (e.g., to chat rooms)
LUSER: an annoying, incompetent computer user
LAMER: one who downloads, but seldom uploads; also a LUSER
TREKKIE: an obsessive fan of Star Trek* in its myriad incarnations
ANORAK: one obsessed with an unfashionable interest or technology (e.g., trains)

* Other sci-fi fan nicknames are: x-philes, The X-Files; scapers, Farscape; dwarfers, Red Dwarf.

To deceive oneself is very easy.
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I'm off this coming weekend to FenCon VI in Dallas, Texas as a Special Guest. Here's what my schedule is shaping up to be:

11am-1pm: The FenCon Writer's Workshop Session A (Elm)
2-4pm: The FenCon Writer's Workshop Session B (Elm)
6-7pm: "Just a Minute" (Trinity I/II), a play on the British game show, w/Paul Cornell, Alan J. Porter, Tom Smith, and Shanna Swendson
7-8pm: Opening Ceremonies (Oak Ballroom)
8-9pm: "Superhero Fiction" (Addison Lecture Hall), w/Beverly A. Hale, A. Lee Martinez, Caroline Spector, and Rob Rogers
10-11pm: "Plan 9 from Outer Space and 50 Years of Bad Movies" (Addison Lecture Hall), w/Lou Antonelli, Christopher Fulbright, Teddy Harvia, and A. Lee Martinez

11am-12pm: "KRADical" (Oak Ballroom), Rhonda Eudaly interviews me
1-2pm: Friend of the Fen GoH Autograph Session (Gallery), a special session for FotF members
2-3pm: Reading (Pecan)
8-11pm: Masquerade (Oak Ballroom), where I'll be one of the judges

11am-12pm: "Writing Tie-ins" (Oak Ballroom), w/Candy Havens, Alan J. Porter, Bradley Sinor, Amy Sisson, and Kathryn Sullivan
12-1pm: "Trek vs. Who" (Trinity I/II), w/Rosemary Clement-Moore, Paul Cornell, Michael Nelson, and Shanna Swendson
2-3pm: "Two Guys and Their Comics" (Trinity I/II), w/Paul Cornell
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