September 18th, 2009


down and safe

Arrived in rainy Dallas (really, it was raining all week; reudaly, the guest liaison, has theorized that Toastmaster Paul Cornell sent British weather ahead) yesterday. I have a lovely hotel room, was taken to a fine steak dinner at Saltgrass, and squeezed in some work on Heart of the Dragon.

FenCon's program book includes fiction and essays by guests, and I gave them two of my dialogue-only short-shorts that have no market: "Wild Bill Got Shot" (originally written as my "two beers and a story" story at Noreascon in 2004) and "Behold a White Tricycle" (originally written for the never-actually-published 44 Clowns: 11 Stories of the 4 Clowns of the Apocalypse). There are also pieces by Lois McMaster Bujold, Kathryn Sullivan, Carla Ulbrich, Morgan Dambergs, Warren Buff, Shanna Swendson, and the aforementioned Mr. Cornell.

(Amusingly, both of my stories connect to jaylake. Coincidence--or not???????)

Can't say much about the con so far, as my workshop at 11 is the first actual event of the con, but I can say that the people running it are very nice, and they treat their GoHs quite well.

More anon.......
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