September 20th, 2009



Having a great time at FenCon. Only had two people for my reading, which was disappointing, but all my other program items--including both autographings--were very well attended. Highlights so far include a hilarious panel about bad movies, Paul Cornell hosting genre version of "Just a Minute" (I came in second, just one point less than Tom Smith), the masquerade (for which I judged, and also did a pratfall on stage), and just generally hanging out with cool people.

I've also managed to squeeze in some work on Heart of the Dragon.

Three more panels today, then flying home tonight.
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homeward bound

"'You may now get on the plane.' Fuck you, I'm getting in the plane!"
---George Carlin

I'm in my seat for the flight home. I'm pooped, but feel good, as it was a most excellent convention.

Gonna fall asleep now...........
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