September 21st, 2009


down and safe

I'm home, having landed safely in LaGuardia and been driven home by bronxbob350 and helgabee.

The flight was fine, though it started out annoyingly. When I checked to see what gate I was at, it said C14, so reudaly parked near that and saw me to the security gate. Then TSA confiscated both the honey and the beer I'd been gifted by the con -- which was predictable, but still annoying, and the only alternative was to check the luggage for $15, which would've been annoying on two levels, both paying for it and having to wait at baggage claim when I landed.

Then I discovered that the flight was actually leaving from gate C37, which is waaaaaaaaaaaay the fuck on the other side of Terminal C. Sigh.

But it all worked out okay. It being a Dallas-to-New-York flight, there were many updates from the cockpit on tonight's football game. *grin*

I'm up to almost 36,000 words on Heart of the Dragon. Gonna try to do more tonight, but I want to watch this past Thursday's episode first.

Also need to go over a comics pitch -- about which I'll say more if it happens......
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chronic rift

The Chronic Rift Spotlight: Shore Leave, Part One

The first of the interviews conducted at Shore Leave 31, as John interviews Star Trek authors Dayton Ward (Vanguard: Open Secrets) and Kevin Lauderdale (Constellations).

You can download the episode from iTunes, or get it directly from either the Rift web site or the Mevio page for the Rift. You can discuss the episode on the Rift forums or leave a comment at 888-866-9010.
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