September 24th, 2009

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two Census links of interest

Falls into the "good news/bad news" category, unfortunately:

The U.S. Census uses a telenovela on Telemundo to help promote the Census by making one of the regular characters a Census recruiters. It's a clever way to promote awareness of the Census in the Latino community. (Thanks to karistan for the link.)

A part-time Census worker was found hanged in Kentucky, with the word "FED" scrawled on his chest earlier this month. Not exactly the sort of thing that makes me want to rush to training this morning... *wry grin* (Thanks to terri_osborne for the heads-up.)
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Went to bed early (for me) last night, to wit, at 11.30, hoping to catch up on sleep. Didn't entirely work, as I woke up pretty much for good at 6.30am. Sigh.

Been completely overwhelmed this past month, between preparing for my black belt promotion, Dragon*Con, FenCon, writing Heart of the Dragon, other writing things that have poked up, and now the new Census gig. I have not looked at my friends page on LJ since before I left for FenCon a week ago, and I don't know when I'm going to have the chance to do so again, since HotD is due next week. There's a backlog of e-mail I need to catch up on at some point.

It's never boring, certainly...
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Schott's Miscellany 22 September 2009

Fiddler on the Roof opened on Broadway (1964)


Basselier: Basset Hound & Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Boxador: Boxer & Labrador
Bug: Boston Terrier & Pug
Chiweenie: Chihuahua & Dachshund
Cockeranian: Cocker Spaniel & Pomeranian
Doodleman Pinscher: Doberman & Standard Poodle
Dorgi: Dachshund & Corgi
Goldendoodle: Golden Retriever & Poodle
Labradoodle: Labrador & Poodle
Peek-a-pom: Pekingese & Pomeranian
Saint Berdoodle: Saint Bernard & Poodle
Schnoodle: Schnauser & Poodle
Saint Weiler: Saint Bernard & Rottweiler
Taco Terrier: Chihuahua & Toy Fox Terrier

Children aren't happy with nothing to ignore. And that's what parents were created for.
Ogden Nash (1902-71)
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Schott's Miscellany 23 September 2009

Ray Charles born (1930)


To identify lucky horses

Four white feet, sell him right away;
Three white feet, keep him not a day;
Two white feet, sell him to a friend;
One white foot, keep him to his end.

The soul is dyed by the color of its leisure hours.
William Ralph Inge (1860-1954)
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gone and back

first review of Gone and Back #3

That I've found, anyhow....

Liam Bradley of Project Fanboy is liking the miniseries.

Money quote:
Rockne S. O’Bannon and Keith DeCandido have sucked me into this series and kept me hooked throughout the issues. This issue is no different. The pacing is great, the story continues to be good, the dialogue is realistic and it has a great blend of emotions which have been well balanced and excellently portrayed.
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chronic rift

The Chronic Rift in Review: A Vampire in Your Cleavage

The latest episode of The Chronic Rift podcast is up, and it has the best title ever. *grin*

First hosts John, Andrea, Judy, and Orenthal bring stuff to the table: Judy is disappointed by the second season finale of True Blood, Andrea drops a few pints and a few quarters at the Barcade in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and John is thrilled that Ray Wise is going to be on Dollhouse this season.

As for the reviews, there's just two this time 'round: On "A Case for Books," Andrea reviews We Never Talk About My Brother by Peter S. Beagle and Troll's Eye View: A Book of Villainous Tales, edited by Ellen Datlow and Teri Windling, and she also recommends the Green Man Review podcast. On "Couch Potato Salad," I rip into Dark Blue and recommend Monk's final season.

Finally, on Pop Fiendish, Orenthal waxes nostalgic over the Saturday morning cartoon preview shows of the past.

The episode is available from the good folks at iTunes, the Rift's web site, or Mevio's Rift page. Please comment on the Rift forums or leave us a message at 888-866-9010.
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