October 1st, 2009



suricattus wrote up an excellent concert report on the Springsteen show last night.

A few notes to add to her fine reporting:

Two things that always strike me at these shows. One is that Bruce is a really really really really good guitarist. The other is that he's the third-best guitarist on that stage.

Roy Bittan is just amazing. By doing Born to Run front to back, it shows up a) what a great album that was, b) how piano-heavy that album was, and c) how incredible a pianist Bittan has always been.

Patti Scialfa wasn't present, but Soozie Tyrell filled in admirably on the soprano harmonies (and the band isn't hurting for backup vocals anyhow), and she also did her usual amazing fiddle work.

Unlike last time, Max Weinberg actually did play the drums (his son Jay has been filling in while Max does his gig on The Tonight Show) -- I guess the historic nature of the show was such that the Mighty Max had to be the one on the toms.....

I put up some mediocre photos on Facebook.....

(Oh, and thanks to karistan for the icon!)
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Roman Polanski

I haven't weighed in much on the whole Polanski mishegoss. I can say that a lot of people have lost flipping great wodges of my respect by defending him (especially Whoopi Goldberg, who seems not to remember the script she performed in The Color Purple), but ultimately, it boils down to this:

Polanski plead guilty to a felony. He then left the country rather than serve the sentence he agreed to serve as part of his guilty plea.

That makes him a criminal twice over -- once for the crime he plead guilty to, and a second time for evading justice.

Said justice will not be served until he pays for both those crimes.

And that is all that matters. Not his relative merits as a filmmaker. Not the wishes of the victim (which are wholly irrelevant in the eyes of the law in any case -- which is why battered women who want to continue to be with their abusers don't have a say in whether or not said abuser goes to jail). Not if he's a good father. Not if his famous friends come to his defense.

He is guilty. That's not a value judgment, that's a fact, one that he himself verified when he signed the guilty plea. But he has not lived up to his side of that plea. He needs to do that.
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