October 3rd, 2009


Saturday morning amusement

Went running this morning. Did two laps around the track in 33 minutes, which is three minutes longer than I wanted to go. I'll get there.

Two amusing things I saw on the bus ride home. The first was a bit of graffiti scrawled on the seat in front of me, which led me to think that Rorschach rode the bus before me. The other is an example of proofreading at its worst...............

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Schott's Miscellany 2 October 2009

Julius "Groucho" Marx born (1890)


Since the presidential election of 2000, Republican and Democratic states have been represetned on TV and in the press by red and blue, respectively. (The Federal Election Commission's 2004 election report uses the same coding.) Yet, prior to this, most used the opposite colors: Regan's "lake" in 1980, for example, turned blue. The reason for the switch in colors is unclear. The Washington Post apportioned blame to the NBC graphic department and to a joke by David Letterman who, during the lengthy 2000 recount, suggested a compromise to "make George W. Bush President of the red states and Al Gore head of the blue ones." The resulting (and seamless) shift into "red and "blue" state thinking was elegantly captured (and perhaps catalyzed) by David Brooks's 2001 Atlantic Monthly essay "One Nation, Slightly Divisible."

It is unbecoming for a Cardinal to ski badly.
Pope John Paul II (1920-2005)
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quotes of the day

Over at Bronx Banter, they linked to a wonderful piece by Steven Stein on his Blame it on Steinski blog, where Stein is talking about a 1975 Esquire piece on Duke Ellington written by author/photographer/director/cool cat Gordon Parks.

Stein had two quotes from the article which were particularly hilarious ("Edward" and "Big Red" both refer to Ellington):
Harry Carney, who had been with Edward longer than anyone else in the band, became his driving companion, or better, his private chauffeur. The three of us were approaching San Francisco early one morning after an overnight drive from Los Angeles. In the distance, the Golden Gate Bridge floated eerily in the dawn mist rising above the bay. Harry called Edward, who was asleep in the back seat. "Hey, Big Red, wake up and look over yonder. Looks like something you might want to write about." Duke stirred awake, wiped his eyes and looked at the bridge. "Majestic. Majestic. Goddamn those white people are smart," he mumbled and fell back to sleep.

And the other:
When we reached our hotel, Paul Gonsalves was stumbling out, stoned out of his mind. Edward sleepily looked him over.

"Where you headed so early, my man?"

"Fishing," Paul answered without stopping.

"Fishing? You're not dressed for fishing, man."

"Shit, Duke, I ain't trying to impress no fish. I just wanna catch some of the bastards. See you later."

Heart of the Dragon is due Monday. I may not impress the fish, but I for damn sure am heading out to catch the bastards.....
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Okay, back to work............
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