October 7th, 2009



Been running around like crazy with Census Ctuff, plus last night was the signing in Park Slope. The latter went very well, and we moved a few Farscape hardcovers. A particular shoutout to the three New York area Scapers who attended, as well as dferguson, Sarah from UConn, and the rest of the nifty people whose names I never got.

The Census Ctuff has been crazymaking. I haven't actually done any writing the past couple of days, as every spare moment has been earning my government salary.

Tonight I have some Census Ctuff to do in the evening, sadly, but then I come home and watch as much of the Yankees-Twins game as I can.

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chronic rift

The Chronic Rift Spotlight: Zombies!

The latest Rift podcast is a Roundtable discussion on zombies, where comics editor Jim Salicrup, Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg, Jenifer Rosenberg, and Jay Smith discuss the undead with a thing for chomping on brains.

There's also a listener call. If you want to call and be heard on the air, you can call 888-866-9010, or just post on the forums at the Rift web site. That is also the site where you can get the episode, or from iTunes or from Mevio's Rift page.
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