October 17th, 2009


da do run run run, da do run run

Went running this morning, my last run before the black-belt promotion commences on Wednesday. Shihan wanted me to be able to do a two-and-three-quarter-mile run in under 30 minutes. My previous two attempts were at 33 and 31 minutes -- this morning I did it in 27. I finally took to heart something one of the black belts told me: don't start running so darned fast. *chuckle* The entire first lap (the track I was running is a 1.37-mile track, so I ran it twice) I had to keep telling myself to slow down, and it worked. I was able to put on a burst of speed at the very end to improve my time.

I am pleased at the accomplishment, but also grateful that this is the last time I'll have to run for a while. I love karate, and I've even come to enjoy fighting class. But I really hate running. *laughs* You're not actually doing anything. One of the reasons why -- when I turned 35 and the warranty ran out on my body and medical professionals told me I really really really really needed to start exercising -- I chose martial arts over other types of exercise is that other types of exercise bore the crap out of me. I wanted to do a type of exercising that actually engaged me.

Running, I'm sorry to say, does not engage me. But it has done wonders for my stamina, which will be handy come Sunday. The black belt promotion goes over three days -- Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday -- and the third day is entirely fighting. The running will help with the stamina there.....

Now I'm going to sleep for a bit before today's class. Wheeee!
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