October 21st, 2009


soon, it begins....

Tomorrow night, I begin the first of three days' of promotion activities. Then, assuming I survive tomorrow night's syllabus review, Friday night's kata review, and Sunday night's fighting, I become a black belt.

If you'd told me six years ago that I'd be at this point, I'd have pointed and laughed. I joked that I was allergic to exercise.

What a long, strange trip this has been.

Wish me luck, all....
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Schott's Miscellany 20 October 2009

The Patterson-Gimlin film of a purported "bigfoot" was shot in northern California (1967)


When you are seated next to a lady, you should only be POLITE during the first course; you may be GALLANT in the second; but you must not be TENDER till the dessert.

---New York Mirror, March 3, 1838

Style is life! It is the very life-blood of thought!
Gustave Flaubert (1821-80)
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