October 27th, 2009


Schott's Miscellany 26 October 2009

Labour Day (New Zealand)


BREAD--should be broken into small pieces, buttered, and transferred with the fingers to the mouth. The bread should be placed on the small plate provided for the purpose.

CAKE--is broken into pieces, the size of a mouthful, and then eaten with the fingers or a fork.

CELERY--is eaten with the hands.

CHEESE--is first cut into small bits, then placed on pieces of bread or cracker and lifted by the fingers to the mouth.

CORN ON THE COB--is eaten with the fingers of one hand. A good plan is to cut off the kernels and eat them with the aid of a fork.

CRACKERS--should be broken into small pieces and eaten with the fingers.

HOUGHMAGANDY--sexual intercourse
"They learned all about houghmagandy from the TV."
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