November 4th, 2009

NYY, melky

World Series liveblog

The Yankees are facing the Phillies in Game 6 of the World Series. Andy Pettitte is going on three days' rest for the Bronx Bombers against Pedro Martinez for the Phillies. Despite the number of times their teams have faced each other, this is the first time Pettitte and Pedro have faced each other in the postseason. The Yanks won the last time Pedro pitched (Game 2) and the last time Andy pitched (Game 3). The Yanks have their best lineup out there, and they have the better bullpen.

The Series could end tonight. I'm going to liveblog as much of this game as I can (I'm at my parents' place -- it's my father's birthday, and he'll be home any minute, and we'll be having dinner during part of the game), because I'm just that crazy. So check back for updates, if you actually care..... *grin*

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That was great. I am a happy Yankee fan.

All credit to the Philadelphia Phillies. The World Phucking Champions made a serious fight of it, and they made even a 7-3 game a nail biter.

But this is very very very very very sweet.


Edited to add: Hideki Matsui deservedly received the WS MVP. Go, go Godzilla!
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