November 16th, 2009


Schott's Miscellany 13 November 2009

Montréal was captured from the British by U.S. forces during the American Revolution (1775)


Never to stick pins into butterflies and other insects unless you would like to have somebody stick pins into you.
Never to carry fowl with their heads hanging down, unless you would like to be carried in that way yourself.
Never to throw stones at those harmless creatures, toads, unless you would like to have stones thrown at you in the same way.
That nearly all snakes are harmless and useful.
That it is cruel to keep twitching the reins while driving.
That you should always talk kindly to every dumb creature.
That you should always treat every dumb creature as you would like to be treated yourself, if you were in the creature's place.

---Julia M. Dewey, Ethics: Stories for Home and School, 1891

Lucky is he who has been able to understand the causes of things.
Virgil (70-19 BCE)
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Schott's Miscellany 14 November 2009

Joseph McCarthy born (1908)


Seven things necessary when the rain prevents us from pursuing our usual occupations:

A shelter, a purse, a stove, a cup of wine, preceded by a bit of meat, a tender maid, and a cloak.

---attributed to Ibn Sukkara Al-Hashi-mi by Edward Verrall Lucas in A Boswell of Baghdad, 1917

Study the past, if you would divine the future.
Confucius (551-497 BCE)
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Philcon 2009 schedule

Here's my schedule for Philcon 2009, this coming weekend at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill, New Jersey:

8pm: reading (Executive Suite 623)
midnight: "Eye of Argon Reading" (Plaza IV), with Oz Fontecchio, Lawrence M. Schoen, Phil Kahn, Hildy Silverman, and Victoria Janssen

11am: "How Faithful are Graphic Adaptations of Popular Novels?" (Plaza I), with Bill Spangler, Jonathan Maberry, Stephanie Burke, and Ray Ridenour
4pm: "Star Trek: Where Does it Boldly Go Now?" (Crystal Ballroom 3), with Lawrence M. Schoen, Samantha Kwait, Terri Osborne, and Hugh Casey
9pm: "The Art of the Collaboration" (Plaza I), with Michael Swanwick, Mike McPhail, Chris Pisano, and John Grant

11am: "The Importance of Cash Flow for the New Author" (Executive Suite 823), with Laura Anne Gilman, Sally Wiener Grotta, Christine Norris, and Oz Drummond
1pm: "Editing Anthologies" (Plaza II), with Darrell Schweitzer, Gardner Dozois, and Danielle Ackley-McPhail

Hope to see many of you there!
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doctor who

"Waters of Mars" and The Prisoner (with spoilers)

Watched the first two episodes of the remake of The Prisoner and the latest Doctor Who special tonight. I haven't been doing much TV gabbing here due to my Chronic Rift gig -- I'm saving the reviews for "Couch Potato Salad" -- but my next review won't be for another month (for the episode that's going live this week, I reviewed V), so I'm gonna go ahead and talk about these two here.

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Schott's Miscellany 15 November 2009

Dave Thomas opened the first Wendy's fast-food restaurant in Columbus, Ohio (1969)


Seven things are absolutely necessary to maintain or restore health:

Fresh air; light; warmth; rest; cleanliness; and the correct selection and well-timed offering of food and drink.

The lack of only one of these requisites may hinder the exercise of a physician's skill and bring to naught both good-will and wisdom.

---Hermine Welten, How to Restore Health, c.1890

When two Englishmen meet, their first talk is of the weather.
Samuel Johnson (1790-84)
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tangled roots

Farscape reviews and previews

Both Louis Johnson of Fandomania and Andrea Speed of comiXtreme gave Farscape: D'Argo's Trial #4 a 3/5, which beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

Also two days from now is the release of Farscape #1, the first issue of the ongoing monthly series plotted by series creator Rockne S. O'Bannon, scripted by self, and with artwork by Will Sliney (Strange Detractors). Comics Continuum has put up a preview of the issue, though of course the good folks at io9 put up a more extensive one a few months ago....
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