November 24th, 2009


Schott's Miscellany 22 November 2009

The pirate Blackbeard, aka Edward Teach, was killed off the coast of North Carolina (1718)


To WALK AT ROVER'S is to wander aimlessly with no fixed abode.

As Stern & Stern wrote in their 1992 Encyclopedia of Pop Culture, Michael Jackson's signature MOONWALK "became the single best-known bit of celebrity body language since the four Beatles."

The notion of the WALKING WOUNDED (i.e., prisoners who could make their own way to the medics) originated during the horrors of World War I.

To WALK THE CHALK is a military and police term for pacing along a chalked line to demonstrate one's (in)sobriety. WALK YOUR CHALK! was an instruction to quit one's lodgings. It might originate from the practice of chalking the doors of houses that were to be requisitioned by the army or monarchy.

SLEEPWALKING (also noctambulation or somnabulism) tends to occur in the deep stages of NREM sleep and tends to last from a few minutes to half an hour. During episodes of sleepwalking, individuals are usually able to perform complex motor functions and often have no memory of their actions when they awake.

A torn jacket is soon mended; but hard words bruise the heart of a child.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-82)
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Schott's Miscellany 23 November 2009

The world's first jukebox was unveiled at the Palais Royale Saloon in San Francisco (1889)


As Dire Straits noted: "And after all the violence and double talk, / There's just a song in all the trouble and the strife. / You do the walk, you do the WALK OF LIFE."

When Australian Aboriginals go WALKABOUT, they return to the bush for a time to escape Westernized life. When members of the royal family go WALKABOUT, they leave the comfort of their cars to shake hands with the hoi polloi.

A baseball hitter gets a WALK to first base if he is pitched foru "balls" or is touched by a pitched ball.

DOBBY'S WALK is the area haunted by a goblin--in the 19th century a "dobbie" was a household sprite or apparition.

When batsmen WALK in cricket, they abandon the crease even before the umpire has given them out. As Brian Close once said: "A batsman who knows he is out should walk. That is the way we play the game."

SIGNULTIENT--sobbing, crying
"She gave an annoyingly singultient Oscar acceptance speech."
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strange detractors

a guide to the Farscape comics

With Farscape #1 hitting the stands this week, I figured I'd put up a quick guide to the Farscape comics thus far (and what's coming in the immediate future)...

There are currently two sets of comics: the "season 5" comics that pick up where The Peacekeeper Wars left off, which are plotted by series creator Rockne S. O'Bannon; and the "uncharted tales," which so far have just focused on Ka D'Argo in a pre-PKW timeframe.

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BEST VIDEO EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Muppets do Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody."

Words cannot describe how magnificently perfect this is. The existence of YouTube is worth it solely for this video. As cool as it is when it starts, it keeps getting better. And better. And better.

And the gag at the end... Oh, man....

This is why the Jim Henson Company rocks the whole entire world.

Thanks to puppetmaker40 for the link and for making my day.
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chronic rift

The Chronic Rift Spotlight: Robert Greenberger

The latest episode of The Chronic Rift podcast is John's interview with my good buddy Robert Greenberger, author, editor, raconteur, and all-around good guy. He talks about old projects, new projects, upcoming projects, and even his political career.

The episode is available for download at iTunes, as well as through the Rift web site and through Mevio's Rift page. Please comment on the forums or leave a voicemail at 888-866-9010.
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