December 1st, 2009

Mad Men KRAD

off to A.C.

Every year, me and three of the Forebearance, along with the Godmommy, trek to Atlantic City for a day of gambling in honor of the Infomancer's late mother, who loved to gamble. The Infomancer has invested his inheritance from her, and he takes money out from that, gives us each a bit, and we go play for the day.

This year, I'm gonna try blackjack. The slot machines a) bore me and b) bankrupt me.

I still owe an irons-in-the-fire update, which I don't want to do because it depresses me how small it's gotten. Sigh. December's gonna be an interesting month -- I have to finish the Dragon Precinct short story, then write the next Farscape script, and then I start going crazy with spec work. Bleeeee.
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