December 10th, 2009


biggest slice of pizza EVER! (plus, Al Jaffee)

Tonight I saw Al Jaffee of MAD Magazine fame give a talk at Columbia University. It was magnificent, and you can see some pictures on Facebook. He told some great stories, ranging from growing up in Savannah, Lithuania, and the Bronx; being one of the first students (along with future fellow MAD artist Will Elder) at the then-new School of Music and Art; working in the early days of the comics industry (which was mostly run by Jews, and so didn't have the anti-Semitism that other illustrative fields were choked with); to working with Harvey Kurtzman on the short-lived Trump and Humbug; to his time on MAD; to the creation of "Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions" and the fold-ins; to the entire staff of MAD converging on the home of their one subscriber in Haiti, who hadn't renewed.

Jaffee was delightfully crotchety, funny as hell, and still is at the top of his game. In short, I want to be Al Jaffee when I'm 88.

But afterward, I needed food. I found a place called Koronet Pizza on Broadway & 110th, which has the biggest fucking slices of pizza I've ever seen in my life.

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It was yummy....
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writing update

Still need to do a full IITF, but I wanted to mention that La Agent sent a proposal for a mystery to an editor.

Good wishes, please, if you can spare them. This would be wonderful if it sells. I am absurdly nervous about this.....
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farscape comic


A thread on Terra Firma (the most active of the remaining Farscape boards) about the guy who played Crichton's friend DK (who had a tiny role in all of three episodes) gets six replies.

A thread on the release of D'Argo's Quest #1 has yet to garner a single reply.

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OCLT, crazed writer, dark forces, ellie, command & conquer

the week so far....

Looked over the Dragon Precinct story, and realized it needs a buttload of work (an assessment seconded by girasole), but the editor (damcphail) has generously given me to the end of the year.

Had to do a final pass on D'Argo's Quest #4, and also did final revisions to the mystery proposal. Did a couple of online interviews that should show up on the web some time soon. Also been getting in touch with editors, doing the trolling-for-work thing.

Did up the latest "Couch Potato Salad," which is a review of Alice that'll be on The Chronic Rift next week. Also recorded something for HG World (about which more in another post....).

I started doing the research necessary for the historical fantasy I want to do. I know which historical figure I want to focus on, and the commencement of the research has come with it a notion as to what the fantasy element will likely be.

Had lunch with my old buddy Glenn Greenberg today. He works at Scholastic, and afterward I walked up Broadway for a bit into NoHo. Was depressed to see that the old site of Tower Records is still for rent. The excellent independent bookstore Shakespeare & Co. is still there, though, and I picked up a couple things there.

(In general, I've been trying to do more stuff. Lately I've been to the Cloisters, the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Bronx Zoo, and Columbia University (the latter for the Al Jaffee talk last night). Plans are afoot for the Whitney (wanna see the Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit) and the New York Annex of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (before it closes).)

Now I'm working on Farscape #6, which I'm running late on. Tomorrow is the monthly lunch with Dave Mack and Marco Palmieri and dinner with the Forebearance.

Looking ahead to the rest of December, I want to get at least three chapters of the urban fantasy written. I also need to rework Super City Police Department (remember that?). By the time I get through that, I should have done the research necessary to at least plot out the historical.

In the midst of that will be more Farscape scripts, of course. And I'm hoping other work becomes real between now and then......................
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in comic stores this week addendum

Also in comic stores this week (besides Farscape: D'Argo's Quest #1, which, of course, you all bought, right????) is Assembled! 2: The Unauthorized Guide to Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Their Foes, edited by Van Allen Plexico, and featuring a ton of spiffy essays about Marvel Comics's premiere super team. Among the essays is my own overview of the Avengers in prose.

Proceeds from the book benefit the Hero Initiative charity.

So check it out, a'ready!
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links what I've been sent

Both Editor and Publisher and Kirkus Reviews are shutting down. This sucks on several levels, but the one that irks me most is that girasole and the Infomancer both reviewed for the latter publication, so they've been denied a source of income, something that's happening way too often to too many people -- including me. *sigh*

English Whisky bottled for the first time in a century. Drunks Discerning drinkers everywhere rejoice.....

The Fun Theory, a site dedicated to the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behavior for the better. I like the way they think.
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d'argo's lament

first review of D'Argo's Quest #1

From Comic Book Resources "Buy Pile," where it once again goes in the "read pile."

Money quote:
"Farscape: D'Argo's Quest" #1 introduces more characters and expands the world framed by this quest for vengeance, reinforcing the casual xenophobia and complicated social strata of the Farscape universe. More "TV good" stuff from Boom! that probably electrifies the fan base.

It'll do....
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HG World

HG World Season 0 Episode 5: "All the Greenery is Comin' Down, Boy"

As Season 0 of the audio drama HG World barrels to a conclusion, 3015 North Studios is presenting the final three parts of the season in the final three weeks of the year, starting tonight with the fifth episode, "All the Greenery is Comin' Down, Boy." The sixth episode, "And Shadows Still Remain," will go live on 18 December, with the season finale, "It's a World of Dread and Fear," hitting on Christmas Day. (Then, of course, Season 1 starts in January 2010......)

The United Nations heads north to HG World. Refugees run from a guerrilla attack into the arms of a mob of eaters. Hicks' fate is revealed. Inside HG World, tensions rise as the lockdown continues and accidents lead to tough choices among the staff struggling to keep up appearances. A separate group of survivors tries to hold off Eaters from a mountaintop church.

Shane Harris as AUGGIE
Dustin Shanafelter as DAVID
Mark Zaricor as DAWKINS
Lee Sands as DOGBERRY
Tracy Hall as DOREEN
Steve C. as FISH
Michael L. Stokes as GRANT and JACK
Stacy Dooks as GRAY
Glen Bartram as HARRIS
Ryan Smith as HICKS
D.T. Kelly as JEB
M. Sieiro Garcia as JENNY JO and SARGE
Lance Shoenberg as KRANTZ
Shane Harris as MAYOR
Ayoub Khote as McINNES
Dustin Shanafelter as PIMPLES
Cheryl Malcom as REGINA and SHELLY
Becca Rinas as RONNI
Carole Stokes as RUBY
Dayton Ward as SHEMP
Eric Avedission as THOMAS
Keith R.A. DeCandido as TODD RAGE

The episode was written and directed by Jay Smith, edited and engineered by Michael Stokes.

HG World is produced by Jay Smith & Michael L. Stokes, with production assistance by Martha Linbo-Terhaar and Carole Stokes. Production logo and additional art by Adrianna Linbo-Terhaar.

This show was edited with Reaper Audio Editor with some Sound Effects from For a full list of FreeSound contributors, please visit us at

Jonathan Coulton appears courtesy of the Creative Commons License. Visit for music downloads and concert information.

HG World is a production of 3015 North Studios.

You can download the episode from iTunes, or go to or podOmatic's HG World page. And please do comment on the HG World message boards.
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