December 13th, 2009

Simpsons KRAD

Inglorious Basterds and Frost/Nixon

Just watched the two movies in the subject line back to back. Amusingly, both are, in essence, revenge fantasies that propose a comeuppance for a villified figure of 20th-century politics that is far different (and more satisfying) than what actually happened in history.

Both were fun in totally different ways. Ron Howard gets extra points for faithfully re-creating the 1970s to a degree that most period pieces never get close to. Quentin Tarantino gets extra points for not being even remotely constrained by history, because where's the fun in that? Special kudos to Christoph Waltz, who steals Basterds as the oily Colonel Landa.

Am now watching Boondock Saints, which is a pip....
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