December 16th, 2009


what a fighting class.....

Last night we had a record 18 people show up for fighting class. It was evenly split -- nine black belts, nine color belts. It went really well, and Shihan had us go 20 rounds. I came home totally poopied out.....

Have stuff to do in Manhattan today, and also need to work on the urban fantasy some more. Yesterday's work was mostly of the thoughtful variety, trying to figure out how to set scenes and such -- and also realizing that I wasn't sure if it should be first- or third-person. I'm going with first, but that means thinking more thoroughly about the main character's voice.

So wordage was only one paragraph, but a lot of work was done yesterday. Bloofle.
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tangled roots

in stores today: Farscape #2

The second issue of the ongoing Farscape series hit the stands today. This is Part 2 of "Tangled Roots," as Aeryn learns far more than bargained for on Prybella, and Crichton and Chiana try to get closer to Roiin.

Whadja think?
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