December 23rd, 2009

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Ursula K. Le Guin resigns from the Author's Guild

Ursula K. Le Guin's letter of resignation from the Author's Guild:
18 December 2009

To Whom it may concern at the Authors Guild:

I have been a member of the Authors Guild since 1972.

At no time during those thirty-seven years was I able to attend the functions, parties, and so forth offered by the Guild to members who happen to live on the other side of the continent. I have naturally resented this geographical discrimination, reflected also in the officership of the Guild, always almost all Easterners. But it was a petty gripe when I compared it to my gratitude to the Guild for the work you were doing in defending writers’ rights. I went on paying top dues and thought it worth it.

And now you have sold us down the river.

I am not going to rehearse any arguments pro and anti the "Google settlement." You decided to deal with the devil, as it were, and have presented your arguments for doing so. I wish I could accept them. I can’t. There are principles involved, above all the whole concept of copyright; and these you have seen fit to abandon to a corporation, on their terms, without a struggle.

So, after being a loyal if invisible member for so long, I am resigning from the Guild. I am, however, retaining membership in the National Writers Union and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, both of which opposed the "Google settlement." They don’t have your clout, but their judgment, I think, is sounder, and their courage greater.

Yours truly,

Ursula K. Le Guin

[This letter may be quoted or copied, with attribution.]


(Thanks to suricattus for the link....)
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she rides!

The script for Farscape #7 -- which I really wanted to get done before Christmas -- has gone off to Rockne for his okee dokee. I'm going to give yet another once-over to Chapter 1 of the urban fantasy, then to bed, and then Christmasy things for a few days....
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tangled roots

two more Farscape #2 reviews

Exile in Geeksville gives #2 a B+.

Money quote:
It’s great to be back in the Uncharted Territories, it’s been too long. O’Bannon, DeCandido and Sliney (and the rest of the fine folks working on this book) are putting out a product that looks great and is a fun read. It almost makes up for the fact that the webseries that was announced 3 years ago has not happened yet. I really think this book should carry a “Season 5″ title (Like Buffy’s season 8.)

Also, Andrea Speed at comiXtreme is slightly disappointed with #2, but gives it a 3/5 anyhow.
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