December 28th, 2009


World Fantasy fail

So I was considering going to World Fantasy this year -- I'm trying to sell some original fantasy novels, and it would probably be a good place for me to get back to. I haven't actually been to WFC since 2003. Plus, I have some friends in the Columbus area that it'd be good to see.

But the "online registration" involves printing out a PDF and mailing it in -- and it has to be a check drawn on a U.S. bank.

What is this, 1998? There's no actual online registration. Allegedly (and this is secondhand) the con chair thinks that only "coastal elites" want online registration. Never mind the fact that WFC is 90% pros in the industry, and a good chunk of them (including all the big publishers and agents and editors) are on one of the coasts, why would you deliberately make it difficult for people to register for your convention?

Oh, and the site hasn't been updated since May. This is not encouraging.

WFC is a huge expense, and this is already screaming "not worth the agita." Sheesh.

(Thanks to suricattus for the heads-up....)
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