January 24th, 2010

strange detractors

three new Farscape reviews

Steve at Goodreads reviews Farscape Volume 1: The Beginning of the End of the Beginning (the hardcover that collects the first miniseries).

Money quote:
This story was an excellent continuation of the PK Wars with Rygel's returning to his home planet and the Sun-Crichton Family enjoying their new found bliss. This story while lacking in the actors spin on their characters is very much in the Farscape feel and reads very much like the TV show. With old characters rearing their heads and a new evil that will likely build to something great in the much hoped for webisodes.

Greg Eales at Project Fanboy really liked D'Argo's Quest #2.

Money quote:
- Cover Art is GOOD!
- Good and fun story!
- D'Argo threatens to rip off Raxil's head and stomp on it...serveral times..YYYEESSS!!!

Finally, the ever-reliable Andrea Speed at comiXtreme gives Farscape #3 the same 3.5/5 she seems to give each issue we do.

Money quote:
Can you say frell? The story moves very fast... A fairly strong issue, even if predictable.
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The script to Farscape #8 is all but done. The pitches for the possible monthly comic have gone off to the editor. I've read over the tie-in research material -- need to read a bit more, but mostly I need to have a conversation with the editor about what he's looking for, which likely won't be until tomorrow.

Tonight's task will be to work on the kids' book pitch, which will entail a spot of research, and then start on the sample chapter for the nonfiction book.

Cha cha cha...
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mace windu, star wars

best review of The Phantom Menace ever!

Seven YouTube videos that comprise a brilliant 70-minute review of Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. The review is done in the character of a befuddled old man, but it's still hilarious and brilliantly skewers the golden turd that is TPM.

The best part is actually in the first segment. He asks four people to describe a particular Star Wars character as if talking to someone who's never seen a Star Wars film without talking about any of the following things: what they wear, what they look like, or what their profession and/or role in the movie was. He did this with Han Solo, C3PO, Queen Amidala, and Qui-Gonn Jin. The four folks had an easy time of it with the first two, and struggled mightily with the second two.

Thanks to IO9 for gathering the clips in one place and infinitydog for turning me on to this in the first place.....
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ghost academy

Ghost Academy review

Leroy Douresseaux at Comic Book Bin has reviewed StarCraft: Ghost Academy #1 and liked it.

Money quote:
Simply put, this first volume of StarCraft: Ghost Academy is a darn good read, and the reason why is simply because of the excellent character writing. The characters themselves are fairly familiar; readers will recognize them from any kind of story that revolves around groups of disparate people coming together, playing on the themes of team building and teamwork. However, as written by DeCandido, the characters come alive with such forceful personalities. I think “grab you” is the description I want to use for these denizens of Ghost Academy. Even the jerks and bad guy type characters engage. ...

StarCraft: Ghost Academy is that infrequently seen beast – the comic book media tie-in that can stand alone as a good comic book.

Works for me. *grin*
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tangled roots

Farscape reviews continue....

Greg Eales at Project Fanboy liked Farscape #3 quite a bit.

Money quote:
HOLY BANANA...this issue was good! Nice way to start out a review, eh? But it's the truth, issue 3 of the FARSCAPE title has kicked it up a notch. This kind of action is what makes FARSCAPE good....

I figure if you start with "HOLY BANANA" -- in all-caps, no less -- you're doing something right...........
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king julien

congrats to the Saints and Colts!

And sympathies to the Jets and Vikings -- although the Jets have nothing to be ashamed of. They exceeded all expectations just making it to the penultimate round.

I'm probably going to root for the Saints in two weeks just because of my love for N'awlins, not to mention my general indifference to the Colts and the city of Indianapolis.
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