May 6th, 2010


she rides!

My very first Disney story, the first issue of Cars: The Adventures of Tow Mater #1, has been sent off to my editors at BOOM! for their editorial meat axe.

I've been a Pixar fan since Toy Story's release 15 years ago, and they've yet to let me down. Being able to play in their sandbox is a huge honor, and I hope I live up to it.

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The issue will come out in July, so it's a good thing I finally wrote it. *sheepish grin* Tomorrow, it's back to the D&D book....
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Robert Rodriguez is 17 kinds of awesome

Robert Rodriguez did a special Cinco de Mayo trailer for his upcoming Machete that was repurposed as a message to the state government of Arizona for, basically, being a bunch of fucknuts.

I have to admit that this -- not Iron Man 2, not Toy Story 3 -- is the movie I've been most looking forward to this year. Ever since the fake trailer in Grindhouse. *grin*

Thanks to infinitydog for the heads-up....
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irons in the fire update (abbreviated version)

May is going to be nuts. I have to finish the D&D novel by 15 June (my editor generously gave me an extension), I've got to get at least one more Cars script done this month, if not more, plus I need to write up the proposal for the second arc, and I'm working as a Census Crew Leader, which is taking up a great deal of time and effort (though also paying me very well, so I can't complain). I have a Farscape break until the calendar flips to June, at least.

I'll try to have a more formal IITF update at the top of June....
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farscape posse

more C2E2 pictures

Michael Babinski, an inker who worked with artist Tommy Patterson on the first Farscape comic book miniseries (2008-2009) and the third (Gone and Back, 2009), was at C2E2 in April, and took some cool photos.

Since Tommy couldn't be there, Mike was taking pictures of people holding a sign that read "I HATE TOMMY," and he got ones of both myself and BOOM! managing editor Matt Gagnon holding it, in addition to some other nice shots.

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sucks, penguin5

Robin Roberts, RIP

Robin Roberts, a magnificent Hall-of-Fame pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies, and one of the prime movers behind their 1950 NL Championship (and first-ever World Series appearance as a franchise), has died at the age of 83. He passed in his Florida home today.

The link is actually to a lovely remembrance of Roberts by Joe Posnanski, one of the finest sportswriters currently drawing breath, who met Roberts at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City.

*raises glass*
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