May 8th, 2010

stupid history

Stupid History 6 May 2010

The "dark side of the moon" sounds like a daunting, frightening, mysterious, and terrifying place--and it would be--if it existed. Although it's true that the same side of the moon always faces the earth, that doesn't mean the other side is always dark. Every acre of the moon is illuminated at one time or another. However, if the phrase "dark side of the moon" didn't exist, we might not have one of the best rock albums in history.
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new Corps of Engineers cover!

In July and August, Pocket will be releasing the next two Star Trek: Corps of Engineers trade paperbacks, releasing for the first time in print form the stories that were originally released as eBooks, chronicling the adventures of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers on the U.S.S. da Vinci.

For August, we'll get What's Past, a series of stories that flash back to earlier times in the lives of our friends in the S.C.E., with guest stars from all across the Trek spectrum. (The eBooks were originally published in 2006, and What's Past was, in part, a celebration of Trek's 40th anniversary.) The last story in the volume is my own "Many Splendors."

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I'm quite pleased with "Many Splendors" -- four years on, I think it holds up as a nice look at the events of TNG from a singular POV, to wit, that of the engineers. Pretty much every engineer we ever saw on the show turns up in the tale, plus we finally get the backstory on Gomez and Duffy that has been a major underpinning of the entire series.

Check it out when it goes on sale in August!
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alien spotlight

another Star Trek comic from me

Between now and the end of the year, IDW will be releasing three more of the Star Trek: Captain's Log one-shots. They've already done Sulu and Harriman, and the remaining three include Christopher Pike, Rachel Garrett, and Edward Jellico.

The Jellico one is written by me, and will be out in November, or thereabouts. The art will, like my last IDW Trek comic, be provided by the inimitable J.K. Woodward. I've seen the first five pages or so, and they are stunning.
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stupid history

Stupid History 7 May 2010

Head cheese is not a type of cheese--it's not even a dairy product. It is boiled and coarsely chopped meat from the head of a calf or pig (sometimes a sheep or cow) and may also include meat from the heart or feet. The boiled meat is then mixed with gelatin, shaped in a mold to resemble cheese, and served cold.
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more on Jellico comic

What I wrote below a modified version of something I wrote in response to a comment in the post announcing the Star Trek: Captain's Log: Jellico one-shot comic I've written that's coming out this fall, which I put here so more people will see it:

I actually really liked Jellico as a character -- though not as a person. *grin* But he was a nice contrast to Picard, both flawed and skilled. What I liked about the dynamic in "Chain of Command" is that both Riker and Jellico were right. Jellico has his own style and had every right to implement it, but he was asking for too much too fast, especially when replacing a beloved captain who had been in place for five years. (Also, the four-shift thing was really stupid. Humans have an eight-hour circadian rhythm, and eight hours of work, eight hours of downtime, and eight hours of sleep is a very efficient system. Changing it to four six-hour shifts makes nothing like sense.)

Having said that, Riker didn't exactly cover himself in glory, either, since he should've adjusted much faster to the different style of command (something he should've been able to do, given that this wasn't his first rodeo as an XO).

Anyhow, this comic will take place prior to "Chain of Command" aboard the Cairo, and I think will please both people who think that Jellico was a pretty darned good captain and the ones who think he's a flaming asshole. Because, honestly, the character was both. *grin*
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