May 14th, 2010



Finally got to sit at the computer again very late tonight -- drove suricattus to the airport (she's off to the Nebulas to maybe-possibly-but-probably-not-but-you-never-know win an award for Flesh and Fire), had a full day of Census ctuff, and then some other real-life crap got in the way of writing. Then I cooked dinner and watched the Supernatural finale (Jared Padalecki is very good at channeling Mark Pellegrino), and then, at last, was able to churn out some words -- 1100 to be precise. Now at 17,100 and still in Chapter 4, though I'm in the home stretch of it....
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stupid history

Stupid History 13 May 2010

In any debate over prayer in school or Nativity scenes or Christmas trees on state property, the "wall of separation between church and state as outlined in the Constitution" is bound to be brought up. Which is an interesting argument because nowhere in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights does it mention the separation of church and state.
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