May 29th, 2010


low-key Balticon

Here at Balticon 44, which is gonna be fairly low-key for me. 1) I'm exhausted. 2) I've got three deadlines staring me in the face. 3) I'm exhausted. 4) Did I mention I was exhausted? So beyond my scheduled program items, folks probably won't see much of me. Yesterday, I spent most of the time here lying in bed in the hotel room, coming out only to register and do my reading (which went very well--I read from the D&D novel, and the audience responded well).

Today, I've got an autographing at 10 and a panel at 1. The rest of the day will likely be spent in solitude, much if it slaving over a hot laptop........
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quote of the day

Actually an exchange on a mailing list that I share with (among others) Mark Verheiden:

MARK V: "I've just started writing/producing a TV series that WAS called 'Untitled Steven Spielberg Alien Invasion' for TNT, but it's now called 'Fallen Skies.' To paraphrase fellow producer Greg Beeman, the original title was wonderfully descriptive."

KRAD: "I, for one, welcome our untitled Steven Spielberg alien overlords......"
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sucks, penguin5

Gary Coleman, Linda Gold, Dennis Hopper, Jose Lima, Michael Pataki, RIP

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HG World

HG World Season 1 Episode 1: "Nothing Left to Lose"

Our new season begins with a new arrival to HG World. Balamani "Barbara" Sarasvasti survived the winter and outlived her 10 refugee companions in the wilderness. Will she survive the bizarre and unnerving normality inside the House and Garden World warehouse? How has the staff of HG World changed over the winter months?

Hopes are dashed as it appears the freeze did not destroy the creatures as expected. The dead, frozen throughout the harsh winter, are returning to the valley looking for fresh meat. As tensions grow inside HG World, some of the resident refugees begin snooping through the warehouse's underground.

You can get the episode at iTunes, or from or podOmatic's HG World page. And please comment on the forums!

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