September 7th, 2010

chronic rift

The Chronic Rift Spotlight: The 100th Episode Part 2: Frankenstein

On the occasion of the 100th episode of The Chronic Rift podcast, we're presenting a week-long event, where the staff will each pick an episode of the original public-access TV show The Chronic Rift and the episode will consist of the audio track from that episode (with bookended commentary by the staff member in question).

Today it's my turn, with my absolute favorite episode of the Rift form the old days: "Frankenstein: The First SF Novel?" We got horror fiction buff Greg Cox, Mary Shelley biographer Emily W. Sunstein, and Shelley & His Circle editor Donald H. Reiman discussing the novel with me and Judy, and a great time was had by all.

There'll be a new one each day this week, so do check it out! The episode's available on iTunes, the Rift web site, or Mevio's Rift site. Please comment on the forums, or leave a toll-free message at 888-866-9010. And you can also now get full episodes of the 1990s public-access show from iTunes or from the good folks at Mevio, and see how dorky I looked 20 years ago....
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stupid history

Stupid History 6 September 2010

City officials in Nottingham, England, spent more than 1 million pounds (about 1.5 million dollars) installing solar-powered parking meters on their city streets to save money. As of August 2001, more than 245 of the parking meters were out of commission, allowing hundreds of motorists to park for free--because England doesn't get enough sun to keep the meters operating.
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Farscape: Scorpius #5 on sale Thursday

The ramp-up to "The War for the Uncharted Territories" continues with the latest issue of Farscape: Scorpius, coming out this week -- on Thursday, rather than Wednesday, because of the Labor Day holiday. And wait till you see how Scorpy gets out of the bind the Kkore put him in at the end of #4... *grin*

It's plotted by Farscape creator Rockne S. O'Bannon, scripted by the brilliant David Alan Mack (infinitydog), with art by Gordon Purcell. Check out the preview at Comic Book Resources.
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