September 8th, 2010

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signal-boosting: missing teenager (ETA: no longer missing!)

Edited to add: She's been found!

Originally posted by shadesong at Have You Seen Morgan?

[info]bifemmefatale's 16-year-old daughter ran away. Her mother says: "Friends say she hopped a Megabus to the Carbondale, IL area to attend the upcoming Rainbow Gathering Oct. 1. She may change her destination if she knows she is being looked for. She's supposedly traveling with 2 guys named Tim and Josh, both Caucasian, early 20s or late teens, one with a "cholo tear" tattoo near his eye. She's 5'5", 120#, reddish-blonde hair, long bangs and sidelocks, short in back, always wears her jean vest with studs and patches on it. She may be begging for spare change. If you see her, *please* contact me and the police! 16 is too young to be running around the country on her own. I'm very worried for her safety. Thanks in advance."

Click here for original post and additional pictures, and to let her know if you see Morgan!

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stupid history

Stupid History 7 September 2010

When Governor of Georgia Eugene Talmadge was touring the Georgia State Penitentiary in 1936, he asked prisoners Leland Harvey and Aubrey Smith, who were serving 150-year terms for armed robbery, if they were guilty. He was shocked when both men answered "Yes!" "It seems you only have two thieves in your penitentiary," Talmadge said to the warden. "I will pardon these two men." And he did.
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some awesome YouTube videos

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The Chronic Rift Spotlight: The 100th Episode Part 3: SF in the Classroom

On the occasion of the 100th episode of The Chronic Rift podcast, we're presenting a week-long event, where the staff will each pick an episode of the original public-access TV show The Chronic Rift and the episode will consist of the audio track from that episode (with bookended commentary by the staff member in question).

Our third one is from Judy, who picked an episode that was done live in January 1991 and had Judy (a teacher in her civilian life) and I discussing science fiction in the classroom with best-selling author Bruce Coville, educator David R. Grate, and Rift staffer Paula Araya.

There'll be a new one each day this week, so do check it out! The episode's available on iTunes, the Rift web site, or Mevio's Rift site. Please comment on the forums, or leave a toll-free message at 888-866-9010. And you can also now get full episodes of the 1990s public-access show from iTunes or from the good folks at Mevio, and see how dorky I looked 20 years ago....
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