January 11th, 2012

viral, 30


Wrote another 1500 words of -30- today. The novella is now at 12,700 words, and it's going swimmingly. But I need to go to bed, as I'm working tomorrow. I'm hoping to get some more words in tomorrow and really marathon on it Thursday, which I have off, maybe even finish it. (The final word count is supposed to be around 20K.)

Now to bed....
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    "Locomotive Breath" by Ian Anderson w/orchestra

midweek music: "Crusade/Jihad"

I debated what to do for the second part of the Boogie Knights theme. Two of my favorite songs of ours are up on YouTube, but only in excerpt form -- there are incomplete versions of both "I Walk the Road" (Wizard of Oz-themed parody of "Boulevard of Broken Dreams") from Shore Leave a few years ago and "House on Pooh Corner" (parody of "House of the Rising Sun") from Dragon*Con 2007 -- so, while you get a feel for how wonderful the songs are, you don't get the whole thing.

So I went for something we don't actually play all that often, but one that makes a nice contrast to Monday's "Madagascar." That song just featured our female vocalists, with the guys relegated to providing humor via their hands (in this case, puppets). Today's song is "Crusade/Jihad," which has only the guys singing (John and Dave) or percussing (me), with the women providing humor through how they position their hands. The song is a parody of the theme from Rawhide.

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