February 7th, 2012

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Karen Handel resigns from Komen; millions cheer

Karen Handel, the vice president for Susan G. Komen who was the primary mover and shaker behind Komen's cutting off of Planned Parenthood (something she actually claims responsibility for in her resignation letter, after telling NBC's Andrea Mitchell last week that she wasn't involved in the decision), has resigned in what can only be described as disgrace. Handel was a gubernatorial candidate in Georgia whose platform included railing against PP, so her trying to cut ties between Komen and PP was no surprise once she took the job.

However, regardless of how you feel about this issue, when you work for an organization whose purpose in life is to raise money -- mainly through donations from people who think well of you -- and you execute a maneuver that a) costs you thousands in donations from people who don't like the decision and b) results in a metric crapton of incredibly bad publicity that paints the fundraising organization as a murderer of women -- in other words, the type of thing that will not make people think well of you -- then you are very very unlikely to keep your job for very long.

This is a desperate attempt at face-saving on Komen's part, and whether or not it works will depend entirely upon who replaces Kandel. Trading one anti-choice twit for another won't improve matters.

I also wonder how much of the thousands I and my fellow karateka raised last fall is going to her severance package. *sigh*
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Proposition 8 declared un-Constitutional

In more good news, a federal appeals court has declared California's Proposition 8 -- which declared marriage in the state to be only between one man and one woman -- to be un-Constitutional, a decision that is blindingly obvious to anyone who's actually read that particular document.* The next step is the Supreme Court, which will probably wind up hearing the appeal on this some time in 2013.

* The Constitution, not Prop. 8.

I've said this before, and I'm going to say it again: if you object to homosexuality on religious grounds, then you're a hypocrite unless you also believe in slavery, stoning to death for adulterers, men always wearing hats, and not mixing wools and linens. You don't get to cherrypick the parts of the Book of Leviticus that suit your pre-existing prejudices and call yourself religious. You just get to be a bigot.
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TNG Rewatch

Star Trek: The Next Generation Rewatch: "Transfigurations"

Crusher falls for a patient whose name she doesn't know, La Forge falls for Christy Henshaw again and this time she falls back, O'Brien falls off a kayak and dislocates his shoulder, and Worf falls over a railing and dies (but gets better). The TNG Rewatch undergoes some "Transfigurations."

An excerpt:
Picard tries talking to Sunad, but he refuses to accept Picard’s words and attacks the Enterprise with a Super Suffocation Weapon (seriously, he pushes a button, and everyone on the Enterprise can’t breathe). John is able to heal everyone on the ship from that weapon, but Sunad just arms conventional weapons. John, however, remembers everything now, because it’s television, and amnesia always goes away at the episode’s climax. His powers enable him to transfer Sunad from his own bridge to the Enterprise bridge, and then he explains: the Zalkonians are on the verge of a metamorphosis into beings of energy, but Zalkonian society views them as diseased, insisting that the transfiguration will kill them. They’ve gone so far as to kill anyone showing signs of the mutation. John is the first to achieve the change, which he does in front of everyone, turning into an orange-y glow-y being.
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