March 16th, 2012


a nice review of SCPD: The Case of the Claw

David Fernau has written a lovely review of SCPD: The Case of the Claw for the Otherwhere Gazette.

Money quote:
As with his Dragon Precinct, DeCandido weaves humor in with his serious story, but somewhat less than in Dragon Precinct. He also creates characters with both believable strengths and weaknesses, and manages a large cast of characters while keeping them different enough that they really seem like distinct people, which is an art in and of itself. And even after the case is closed — one of the detectives explains that cops don’t solve cases, they close cases — DeCandido keeps going, showing a little bit of the aftermath of the events on the men and women of SCPD.
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TNG Rewatch

Star Trek: The Next Generation Rewatch: "Future Imperfect"

Riker wakes up 16 years in the future -- OR DOES HE?????? Apparently, Riker's future includes Crusher in a bun, Worf with a scar, La Forge with eyes, and Picard with a beard. Oh yeah, and a son who plays trombone even worse than he does!

An excerpt:
Andreas Katsulas makes his third appearance as Tomalak, although a) it’s not really him, just an illusion of him, and b) it’s the only one of Katsulas’s four appearances in which he doesn’t just appear as a big giant head on the Enterprise viewscreen, but instead interacts with other folks. (Katsulas said in an interview that he preferred being a menacing figure on the viewscreen to the personal interactions of this episode.) Chris Demetral — later to go on to fame and fortune as Jeremy Tupper on Dream On and the title character in the underrated The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne — plays Barash in human form (Dana Tjulander takes on the uncredited role of Barash in his natural, insectoid form). Carolyn McCormick gets guest-star billing for standing next to Jonathan Frakes, and smiling and waving at the camera for four and a half seconds, in a most bizarre return as Minuet from “11001001.”
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