April 10th, 2012

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The Chronic Rift In Review: Won't Get Fooled Again (plus network updates)

The latest in-review episode is out, as John and I are joined by Comics Curmudgeon David Alexander MacDonald to discuss the latest stuff. First we bring stuff to the table: I talk about I-Con 31 and how much fun I had there, while John raves about two new game apps for his smartphone, My Town 2 and Temple Run.

Then the reviews:
---The Comics Curmudgeon: David takes a look at a bunch of stuff, including Dark Shadows.
---The Multiplex at the End of the Universe: Dan Persons reviews The Raid Redemption.
---Couch Potato Salad: I review the CSI and NCIS franchises, with a nod to Fairly Legal.

Finally, we have Pop Tops: Inspector Space-Time web series looking like it's not happening, Norman Spinrad's lost Star Trek script will not be produced by Phase II, Netflix will not pick up Terra Nova, and more.

As for the network, we've got:
---It Has Come to My Attention. Kevin Lauderdale looks at sitcom humor.
---Dead Kitchen Radio. I look at my various movie novelizations.
---This and That with Him and Her. Clay and Debby talk about what they've learned since turning 45.
---The Weekly Podioplex. Michael Falkner looks at the latest movie releases.
---Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast. John and Paul K. Bisson are joined by Dayton Ward to look at the Six Million Dollar Man episode "Day of the Robot."
---Presenting the Transcription Feature. John hosts old-time radio, with the latest episodes of The Adventures of Superman and The Avengers, and an episode of Challenge of the Yukon.

You can download all of these episodes from iTunes, either on their own feeds or on the general feed for The Chronic Rift Network. They're also available on the Rift web site or Mevio's Rift page. You can leave comments on the Rift site, by e-mail at john at chronicrift dot com, or by phone a 888-866-9010.
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Simpsons KRAD

Tuesday's dead

Went to karate last night, which included helping teach a kids color-belt class and an adult white-belt class, and also training in both a black-belt class and a color-belt class. The last was particularly intense and great fun, though my legs and shoulders are achy this morning.

After I get today's TNG Rewatch done, it's off to finish an edit that's been kicking my ass. I need to get it off my plate so a) I can bill for it and b) I can get to the other two editorial projects, not to mention finally starting the Leverage novel......

Also: last night's How I Met Your Mother was excellent.
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TNG Rewatch

Star Trek: The Next Generation Rewatch: "First Contact"

An alien shows up in a hospital -- and it's Will Riker! Plus, Picard opens the bottle of wine his brother gave him, gets to impress another woman from a pre-warp culture by beaming her up and letting her look out a window (he'll do it again in the movie of the same name), and gets to completely fail in his mission in the end. Added bonus: alien sex with Bebe Neuwirth!

An excerpt:
A nurse named Lanel agrees to help Riker escape, but only if he’ll make love to her, as she’s always dreamed of having sex with an alien. Riker is reluctant, which would be a lot more convincing if a) it wasn’t Riker (remember “Angel One”?) and b) Lanel wasn’t played by Bebe Neuwirth (two words, both of them “hubba”). Apparently Riker acquiesced, since Lanel does help him (after a discreet cutaway) — for all the good it did him, as he was caught in about six-and-a-half seconds.
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