May 6th, 2012


happy birthday to Wrenn!

So yesterday was when wrenn celebrated her 45th birthday in big-ass fashion, as she invited family, both biological and chosen, to a magnificent feast at Mario's in Little Italy, which is one of our favorite restaurants. Wrenn had veal saltimboucca (her favorite), I had lobster ravioli in vodka sauce, and everyone had yummy yummy food.

It was also the first time that Wrenn's Dad met my parents, something we've been trying to set up for ages. (We live in New York City, as do my parents, and Tom lives outside Philadelphia, so it's not the easiest thing ever to coordinate...) Everyone got along great with everyone else, which is a good thing....

Afterward, there was picture-taking outside the restaurant. Since it was also Cinco de Mayo, the area was filled with drunken revelers, three of whom came along and joined in, inexplicably. One drunken reveler was taking this picture with Danny Lieberman's camera, and the other two are in the picture also:


L.-r.: Wrenn's older brother Tommy, Drunken Reveler #2, Neal (dqg_neal), the Infomancer, Tina (karistan), Wrenn's Dad, The Mom (girasole), the Godmommy, me, Wrenn, The Dad (bronxbob350), Danny (it was his camera, though Drunken Reveler #1 was taking the picture), Laura Anne (suricattus), Dale, Helga (helgabee), and Drunken Reveler #3.

It was a great great party. Tina, Neal, and Laura Anne all came back to our place, where much hanging was outed, as it were. Then Laura Anne went home and Tina and Neal stayed the night, and now we're all slowly fading into consciousness.
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gratuitous pet photo post

Tina and Neal just left, and the apartment is quiet once again. So, of course, the animals are mostly in repose.....

Newk & Rhi having a meeting of the minds on the bed:

Scooter hanging out on the living room floor, wondering where all the people went:

Sterling perched atop the comfy chair:

As for Belle, her usual spot is under the dining-room table, but we were all having brunch there, so she settled onto the guest bed in the library to take a nap:
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