June 10th, 2012

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Signing at Annie's Book Stop in Worcester went well yesterday. We sold some books, we saw some folks, and we had a great dinner at a hibachi place in Auburn. Thanks to Patty Cryan and Trisha Wooldridge for setting it all up. And if those of you reading this are even in Worcester, you should check out Annie's. It really is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside -- fitting for a store laden with metric butt-loads of Doctor Who swag in addition to the many many many many many books.

Today, we're off to the last game of the Subway Series (Yankee Stadium Edition). We listened to the Yanks' victories over the Mets Friday night on the drive up to New England (I love that WCBS radio's signal is powerful enough to be heard clearly all the way to Massachusetts) and last night on the drive back. In fact, we left Auburn at 7.15, right when the game started, and the last out was recorded just as we got off the highway at the exit that would bring us home. Talk about timing....

We're looking forward to seeing the game, partly because we get to see Andy Pettitte pitch (though my personal preference would've been to see Phil Hughes pitch -- though nothing's likely to match Hiroki Kuroda's one-hit performance against Johan Santana's post-no-hitter meltdown Friday night), mainly because I'm hoping for a Yankee win to break wrenn's winless streak. We've gone to three Yankee games together -- one in '09, one last year, and one this year -- and the Yanks have lost all three.

Finally, big news of the day: -30-, novella #1 of the Viral series of thrillers, by self & Steven Savile, is now dirt cheap on the Kindle! Click here, and get it for the Kindle (or your other mobile device with the Kindle app) for a mere 99 cents. A taut, awesome thriller for less than a buck -- how can you refuse? How, I ask you????

Time to go put on my Yankees regalia and head out...........
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