July 16th, 2012


good weekend....

Sorry for the lack of bloggy posts (or tweets, or Facebook updates), but it was a very very busy weekend which didn't actually have much time for sitting at laptops and putting fingers to keys.

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Then we hied ourselves home where the season premiere of Leverage awaited us on the mighty DVR (along with Longmire and some other stuff).

For those of you who missed the V-Wars launch, the audio of it will be a spotlight episode of The Chronic Rift podcast some time soon.

Today I have to (FINALLY!) record a new Dead Kitchen Radio, work on a short story, and start an edit or two. Woo!
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king julien

congrats to Bryan Talbot!

British comics creator, and buddy of mine, Bryan Talbot is getting a singular honor tomorrow -- or a doubular honor, I guess.... On 17 July, Bryan will be presented with an honorary Doctorate of Letters for his body of work by Northumbria University at their annual degree ceremony in Newcastle. He already is an honorary Doctor of Arts, having received it four years ago from Sunderland University, making him the first British comic creator to be awarded a doctorate twice.

Yay Bryan!
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