August 29th, 2012

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the RNC has a banner day

So let's see, so far at the Republican National Convention, we've had people screaming "U.S.A.!" while a woman from Puerto Rico (with a thick accent) tries to speak (with some chanting "You go home" instead), we've had Ron Paul supporters throwing a hissy fit, reports of an attendee throwing peanuts at a black female CNN camera operator saying "This is how we feed animals," and, my personal favorite, Rep. Michele Bachmann saying that President Obama can't relate to the American people due to his extreme wealth. That last wouldn't be so bad, except Rep. Bachmann said it in a speech supporting Gov. Mitt Romney, whose net worth is about 100x more than the president.

The blatant racism of both the chant and the guy throwing peanuts is incredibly troubling. Obviously bigots feel safe and empowered when amidst the current mainstream of the Republican Party. This is the consequence of running on the get-the-Negro-out-of-the-White-House-at-all-costs platform.

There are plenty of rational Republicans out there. There's no evidence of them anywhere in Tampa right now....
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prague, tainted love

nifty stuff on about Doctor Who (and more!) is an excellent pop-culture blog, and I'm not just saying that because I'm doing the twice-weekly Star Trek: The Next Generation Rewatch for them.

As a for-instance, Emily Asher-Perrin has written a wonderful, thoughtful piece on the pattern of the Doctor's regenerations on Doctor Who. That's just one of many nifty essays that pop up on the blog occasionally.

There's also the regular features. Mine is but one of several TV show rewatches, others including A.M. Dellamonica on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Scott K. Andrews on Farscape, and Meghan Deans on The X-Files. There are also rereads of Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series by Suzanne Johnson, Alan Moore's comics oeuvre by Tim Callahan, Steven Erikson's "Malazan Book of the Fallen" series by Bill Capossere and Amanda Rutter, Patrick Rothfuss's "Kingkiller Chronicles" by Jo Walton, and both George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series and Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series, both by Leigh Butler.

So check it out, a'ready....
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dead kitchen radio

updated guide to Dead Kitchen Radio: The Keith R.A. DeCandido Podcast

Here's an updated guide to Dead Kitchen Radio: The Keith R.A. DeCandido Podcast. All the episodes are available from iTunes (just enter "dead kitchen radio" into the search field of the iTunes store, and there it shall be), or the DKR pages on either Mevio, or The Chronic Rift site.

Episode 1: Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Sun: Under the Crimson Sun. Talking about my D&D novel, part of the "Abyssal Plague" crossover, and reading a chapter from it.

Episode 2: Unicorn Precinct. Discussing the second book in my "Precinct" series of high-fantasy police procedurals, plus reading a chapter.

Episode 3: SCPD: The Case of the Claw. On writing about cops in a city filled with superheroes, plus reading a chapter from it.

Episode 4: Guilt in Innocence: A Tale of the Scattered Earth. Talking about the Scattered Earth shared-world science fiction universe in general and my own contribution to it in particular, and I, natch, read a chapter.

Episode 5: Farscape comics. As the monthly series comes to an end, I look back on three years of continuing the story of the cult science fiction TV show in comic book form in collaboration with its creator, Rockne S. O'Bannon.

Episodes 6/7: Liar Liar. A double-episode as I talk about the writers cabal known as the Liars Club (of which I'm a proud member) and our anthology Liar Liar. I also read my story in the anthology, "Under the King's Bridge."

Episode 8: Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers. A look back at the monthly Star Trek eBook series that I co-created, edited, and sometimes wrote for, which ran from 2000-2007.

Episode 9: Tales from the House Band Volume 1 (Part 1). Talking about the Deborah Grabien-edited anthology of stories about music, and reading the first half of my contribution, "Ragnarok and Roll."

Episode 10: Tales from the House Band Volume 1 (Part 2). More on the anthology and writing about music, and reading the second half of "Ragnarok and Roll."

Episode 11: KRADitorial Services. I talk about my lengthy and varied career as a professional editor as well as my current editorial service for personal clients.

Episode 12: Irons in the fire update. After a jury-duty-induced delay, I kick off 2012 with a look ahead at what I plan to be working on. (Might be amusing to listen to this now and see how wrong I was...............)

Episode 13: Supernatural novels. Discussing the CW TV show and the three novels I wrote in that universe, Nevermore, Bone Key, and Heart of the Dragon.

Episode 14: A musical interlude. Find out how I got the nickname "Bongo Boy," as I talk about my career as a musician, both as a member of the Don't Quit Your Day Job Players and Boogie Knights, as well as backing up other musicians here and there.

Episode 15: Viral. I talk about Steven Savile's series of shared-world thriller novellas Viral, and read from my contribution, -30-.

Episode 16: Ramblin' on. A somewhat random episode recorded while I was feeling ill, talking about life, death, and my Leverage novel, among many other things.

Episode 17: Movie novelizations. I talk about my movie novelizations: Gargantua, Darkness Falls, Serenity, and the first three Resident Evil films, and the trials and tribulations thereof.

Episode 18: V-Wars (Part 1). The Jonathan Maberry-edited shared-world vampire anthology V-Wars is the subject, as I read the first half of my story "The Ballad of Big Charlie."

Episode 19: V-Wars (Part 2). More on the anthology with a very new, yet very old, twist on vampires, with me reading the second half of "The Ballad of Big Charlie."

Episode 20: Goblin Precinct. Celebrating the release of the third "Precinct" book, and also reading a chapter from this latest in my series of fantasy police procedurals.

Episode 21: Star Trek Klingon novels. A look back at my novels featuring Captain Klag and the crew of the I.K.S. Gorkon, including Diplomatic Implausibility, The Brave and the Bold Book 2, A Good Day to Die, Honor Bound, Enemy Territory, A Burning House, and A Singular Destiny.

Episode 22: This is Todd Rage... Talking about my voiceover acting on assorted audio dramas, including the Parsec Award-winning HG World, Rift Network standby The Dome, and an oldie but semi-goodie, The House at Morning Heights Drive.


Episode 23: Remembering Josepha Sherman. Following Jo's tragic death, I look back at our friendship and professional collaborations, from Urban Nightmares to various bits of Star Trek fiction, to conventions and parties. Due out this week.

The plan is for Episode 24 to be something I'll record at Dragon*Con (possibly my one-hour talk on the SF & Fantasy Lit track, possibly my reading, possibly my talk on the expanded Star Trek universe of novels and comics on the Trek Track), which will be out in mid-September. For the beginning of October, Episode 25 will probably focus on Kung Fu Panda, as well as my little comic book story in that universe. And Episode 26, in mid-October, will be an episode I record live at The Chronic Rift Network booth at New York Comic-Con.
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