December 10th, 2012

TNG Rewatch

TNG Rewatch update

Due to technical difficulties at, the rewatch for "Rightful Heir" never went up on Friday, but that means bonus content this week! "Rightful Heir" goes up later today, "Second Chances" will go up tomorrow, and "Timescape" on Friday the 14th.

Then we get "Descent" on Tuesday the 18th, with the sixth-season wrapup on Friday the 21st.

We'll kick off season seven on Friday the 28th with Part 2 of "Descent," and then we'll proceed with the rest of TNG's final season starting on Friday the 4th of January 2013 with "Liaisons."
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irons in the fire update

Belatedly, here are the ten things that I have to do this month:

1. Write the last two short stories for Ragnarok and Roll: Tales of Cassie Zukav, Weirdness Magnet.
2. Write two comics scripts for a project that hasn't been announced yet.
3. Write a proposal for another comics series that hasn't been announced yet.
4. Write the plot for the mystery novel that I now won't be able to start until the new year.
5. Edit a science fiction novel.
6. Co-edit the Yankees Annual with Cecilia M. Tan, which will be published in the spring by Lindy's Magazines.
7. Write my article for the Yankees Annual.
8. Record an episode of Dead Kitchen Radio.
9. Do the TNG Rewatch for the final three season-six episodes, the season-six wrapup, and the first episode of season seven.
10. Celebrate the holidays.

And this stuff has to get done, which means I'm going to hope that my usual inability to read on a bus doesn't manifest tomorrow and Wednesday, as I need to be tippity-tappitying away on my laptop when I go to and from Boston....

As of this writing, I'm halfway through the first of those two comics scripts. Off to shower, walk the dog, and eat lunch before doing the rest of it.........
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TNG Rewatch

Star Trek: The Next Generation Rewatch: "Rightful Heir"

Kahless is back, and he's pissed. And so's Worf, and so's Gowron. The TNG Rewatch does "Rightful Heir."

An excerpt:
Kahless’s shrine has been re-created on the Enterprise holodeck. Gowron goes there to speak to Kahless—after snarking Koroth a bit. Kahless tells a story about a man who refused to evacuate the city of Quin’lat when a storm approached. When the storm came he was killed, for the wind does not respect a fool. Gowron thinks it’s a lovely story, but wonders what the man’s name was. How tall was he? What was he wearing? What color were his eyes? Kahless lamely replies that he doesn’t remember, and then starts spouting platitudes again.

Then, of course, they duel. Because, y’know, Klingons. And Gowron kicks his ass. Worf keeps Gowron from killing him, but the damage is done, as Gowron laughs derisively at the defeat of “the greatest warrior of all.”
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