January 1st, 2013


irons in the fire update

2013 is shaping up to be a bit crazy -- but the good kind of crazy.....

I've got some more work to do on the 2013 Yankees Annual, which I'm co-editing with Cecilia Tan, and which will be out in March from Lindy's Magazines. Most of the work is done, at least -- including writing my contribution to it -- but there's still Stuff To Do, and will likely continue to be until the day of publication. I've got another novel to edit, too, which I'm horribly late with.

I have one more short story to write to complete Ragnarok and Roll: Tales of Cassie Zukav, Weirdness Magnet, which I hope to do next week. That's because this week I have to write the outline for The Project That Cannot Be Named (Yet). I also have a comics script to write this week.

The Project That Cannot Be Named (Yet) will be taking up most of the next two months, as it's due on 1 March. Words cannot describe how excited I am about this project, for a variety of reasons, which will be clear once I can actually talk about it.

I may be doing a story for the second or third ReDeus anthology -- TPTCBN(Y) may interfere with that -- and after TPTCBN(Y) is done, I have to write Gryphon Precinct. In addition, I have at least two comics projects for the early part of the year, possibly a third, none of which I can currently talk about. And after Gryphon, I want to write the mystery novel (which was originally going to be done in the first few months of 2013, but TPTCBN(Y) trumped it in the schedule).

Cha cha cha....
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some of what's coming in 2013

I've got a butt-load of stuff coming out in 2013, most of it in the spring:

Leverage: The Zoo Job will be out from Boulevard Books in March. You can preorder it from Amazon or Indie Bound.

The 2013 Yankees Annual, edited by Cecilia Tan & Keith R.A. DeCandido, will also be out in March, from Lindy's Sports. It'll also have my article, "12 and 12 in '12" looking back at the 2012 Bronx Bombers. No preordering available for this just yet.

Two short-story collections are due out from me in the spring: Tales from Dragon Precinct, which is ten stories taking place in Cliff's End, the same setting as the "Precinct" novels. It'll be published by Dark Quest Books and feature the following stories:
    "Getting the Chair"
    "Crime of Passion"
    "Catch and Release"
    "Fire in the Hole"
    "House Arrest"
    "Brotherly Love"
    "Blood in the Water"
    "A Clean Getaway"
    "Heroes Welcome"
    "When the Magick Goes Away"

The other is Ragnarok and Roll: Tales of Cassie Zukav, Weirdness Magnet. A collection of urban fantasy stories set in Key West, Florida, the book will be published by Plus One Press and include the following nine tales:
    "Ragnarok and Roll"
    "Undine the Boardwalk"
    "I Believe I'm Sinkin' Down"
    "Love Over and Over"
    "Cayo Hueso Part 1: A Farewell to Cats"
    "Cayo Hueso Part 2: The Buck Stops Here"
    "Cayo Hueso Part 3: Twisting Fate"
    "God of Blunder"
    Bonus track: "How You Can Prevent Forest Fires..."

Dark Quest will also be publishing Gryphon Precinct later this year, and I will have short stories in two other anthologies: Defending the Future 5: Best-Laid Plans (with a science fiction story called "The Stone of the First High Pontiff") and Bad-Ass Faeries: It's Elemental (with the Cassie Zukav story "Undine the Boardwalk" -- I actually wrote the story for Bad-Ass Faeries, but it's been delayed, so the story will show up in Ragnarok and Roll first).

There's other stuff planned for 2013 -- for one thing, I hope my Kung Fu Panda comic book might see the light of day -- but it's nothing I can quite talk about yet....
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