January 22nd, 2013


down and safe

We're back from Arisia 2013. It could've been better, thanks to first me, then Wrenn getting sick. Wrenn drove all the way up 'cause I was sick, and I drove all the way back, 'cause she's still sick. I, of course, got the snow in Connecticut. So not fair....

We had a great time despite the best efforts of germs, however. We saw lots of cool people, many of whom we hadn't seen in an age, Wrenn got to go play games with Jack and Catherine, which made her happy; I did four panels, a reading, and an autographing, all of which went superbly. The panels on world building, reboots, and small press were all well attended and with interested audiences. For the reading, I shared with Suzanne Palmer and Chuck Gannon; Suzanne read from an excellent piece called "Hotel," which was in the January Asimov's, and Chuck read from his next novel. Me, I read "Love Over and Over," one of the stories coming out in Ragnarok and Roll: Tales of Cassie Zukav, Weirdness Magnet, which chronicles the tempestuous relationship between Loki and Sigyn. It was a big hit and now I've got a room full of people who are eager for R&R to come out. (I really should finish that last story....)

I sold a mess of books at my autographing, and the Eye of Argon reading may have been the best one I've ever been involved with. Supervised by Dan Kimmel, it had self, Hildy Silverman, Michael Ventrella, and Walter Hunt taking turns reading the awful prose and then acting it out in front of the audience (while audience members all took their turn, as well). If you're friends with me on Facebook, you might find pictures....

Didn't party-hop as much as I might have, dedicating most of my festivizing to MaltCon and Barfleet. But I had a great time, both seeing old folks and meeting new ones.

Because deadlines don't care about conventions, both Cecilia Tan and I had to spend some of our Arisia time working on the 2013 Yankees Annual. It's pretty close to done, we just need to look at the final pages for two articles. The Mighty Deborah Grabien also had some final edits on one of the other R&R stories, so that's another put to bed. Waiting for her notes on two more stories, plus that one I need to write.

Tomorrow, it's the TNG Rewatch for "Dark Page," plus relaxing, plus karate. Wheee!
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